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Alaska Native Law-Ahtna/State of Alaska
Category:   Section Meetings
Date: Wednesday, February 12, 2014 / 12 noon
Location: Anchorage / Bar office, 840 K Street, Suite 100

Ahtna/State of Alaska - Overview of Brenwick-Craig Road Right of Way.  Greg Dorrington, Jermain Dunnagan & Owens, is the guest speaker. Since 2008, Ahtna, Inc., has been embroiled in litigation with the State of Alaska over a right-of-way known as the Brenwick-Craig Road.  This right-of-way follows the Klutina River for about 25 miles from the Richardson Highway southwest to the Klutina Lake.  Ahtna recognizes the road as a 60-foot wide ANCSA §17(b) easement; the State, however, believes the road and the §17(b) easement are subject to a superior and pre-existing 100-foot wide RS 2477 (43 U.S.C. § 932, Revised Statute 2477) easement belonging to the State.  The State’s RS 2477 theory is premised, among other things, by 3,000 turn-of-the-century prospectors using the Valdez Glacier trail to gain access to Interior Alaska between 1898 and 1899.  The case has become very complex with private landowners being joined and the State recently asserting the right to secondary spurs and arterials coming off the main right-of-way.  Mr. Dorrington will provide an overview of the case including the State’s litigation tactics, explains the significance and impact of DNR’s Public Access Assertion and Defense (PAAD) unit’s statewide RS 2477 project, and detail Ahtna’s pending legislation and its potential impact to the litigation. 1 General CLE Credit. Phone-ins from other locations outside Anchorage are welcomed and encouraged.  Please email for number.


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