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Michael Carey Presents: The Fairbanks Militiamen Trial
Category:   Brown Bag Lunch
Date: Tuesday, July 10, 2012 / 12 noon - 1 p.m.
Location: Anchorage / Snowden Training Center (820 West 4th Ave.)

The Fairbanks Militiamen Trial

Analysis and Reflections by Michael Carey & Jill Burke

Sponsored by the Historians Committee, Alaska Bar Association

For more than a month, three self-styled Fairbanks militiamen were on trial in an Anchorage federal court room. They were accused of a variety of weapons violations and conspiracy to kill federal officials.

Michael Carey and Jill Burke attended most of the trial and had the opportunity to see all the major players in action - the defendants, their lawyers, the prosecutors, witnesses, and visiting judge Robert Bryant.

Carey and Burke will discuss: the charges, the ideological forces driving the defendants, the performance of those central to the case - from informants to the judge - the cultural/social milieu that produced the militia, and the militia's fascination with alternative institutions (their own court, their Alaska Grand Jury De Jure for example) and the verdict.

Carey and Burke will also focus on the question "Who is Schaeffer Cox?" as Cox was the leader and inspiration for the militia.

About the Presenters
Michael Carey is an Anchorage Daily News columnist and the host of "Alaska Edition" for Alaska Public Broadcasting.  Jill Burke is a reporter for the Alaska Dispatch and a former KTUU reporter.

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