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Environmental/Natural Resources Law
Category:   Section Meetings
Date: Wednesday, January 26, 2011 / 12 noon
Location: Anchorage / Bar office

Lawyers Assistance Committee (LAC).  The LAC is continually working to get the word out as to how the committee works and how it responds to requests for information or assistance.  Through section meetings has been a valuable route.  The LAC would especially like to educate members in understanding when a colleague or client has a possible substance abuse problem or mental health issue and their impact on others.  The LAC members who will attend are John Reese, Suzanne Lombardi, and Moira Smith.  1 Ethics Credit

For more information, please contact co-Chairs; Larry Hartig at or 907-276-1592; or Russ Winner or 907-277-9522.

Events Calendar

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