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Michael Carey Program
Category:   Brown Bag Lunch
Date: Tuesday, November 30, 2010 / 12pm - 1pm
Location: Anchorage / Snowden Training Center

Come and join us for this CLE presented by Michael Carey!
FREE CLE Program, 1 General CLE credit!

NO Registration Required!

Sponsored by the Historians Committee, Alaska Bar Association


Fairbanks' Crime of the 20th Century: The Cecil Wells Murder

On a chilly night in October 1953, Fairbanks businessman Cecil Wells was murdered while he slept in his bed. Wells was wealthy and prominent, a successful automobile dealer in Fairbanks and Anchorage too. Suspicion fell on his much-younger wife Diane, a stunning blonde.

The case became a sensation because of Diane’s involvement with Johnny Warren, a black musician. Murder, sex, and race fueled national and international coverage of the case. Life Magazine published a long piece on the murder, featuring numerous photographs of Diane. Papers in the British Isles called Fairbanks searching for a scoop.  Ted Stevens indicted Diane and Johnny - his first big case as the Fairbanks district attorney. A chaotic publicity war about guilt, innocence and the competence of local police followed.  


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