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Alaska Youth Law Guide: A Handbook for Teens and Young Adults 

Welcome to the Alaska Youth Law Guide: A Handbook for Teens and Young Adults!

This website is a public education resource presented by the Alaska Bar Association Law-Related Education Committee to help young Alaskans understand the law and how it may affect them. Here you will find general information about many of the legal issues teens and young adults are likely to encounter, and some resources for getting more information or assistance. We hope you find it helpful!

The artwork throughout this guide has been created by Alaskan students who participated in the annual Law Related Education Committee art contest. 


Rachel Harris, 1st Place, Grade 9-College Category
2011 “Justice for All” Art Contest


  Important Information

  Resources for Assistance


  Thank You



Important Information about Using the Alaska Youth Law Guide

This guide is not a substitute for having a lawyer.  It does not provide specific legal advice and you cannot rely on the information presented here to solve a legal problem for you.  Every legal problem is different, and there may be something about your situation that makes the general information presented here not applicable to you.

There is no attorney-client relationship between you and the staff of the Alaska Bar Association or the Law-Related Education Committee. You are strongly encouraged to seek the services of an attorney for legal advice and strategy.

The information presented here was accurate to the best of the Committee’s knowledge at the time it was posted.  However, laws change frequently.  Therefore, some of the information you read may be inaccurate or incomplete based on changes in the law since the Guide was written.

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Law Enforcement

  • Encounters with law enforcement:
      -Arrests and your rights in criminal proceedings
      -Security guards
  • The juvenile justice process:
      -Informal proceedings
      -Formal proceedings:
          -Guardians ad litem
  • Adult criminal proceedings        
  • Reentry: getting help after a prison sentence
  • If you are a victim of a crime 
  • If you witness a crime
  • Behaviors that are a crimes:
      -Shoplifting and theft
      -Leash law violations
      -Vandalism and graffiti
      -Curfew violation
      -Disorderly conduct
      -Breath test refusal
      -Electronic Bullying

Sex, Drugs, and Rock n’ Roll

  • Alcohol:
      -Penalties for drinking or possessing alcohol
      -Other alcohol-related crimes in Alaska
  • Tobacco
      -E-cigs (coming soon)
  • Narcotics and drugs:
      -Synthetic drugs
      -Seeking medical help for overdose
  • Sexual Relationships:
      -Birth control
      -Same-sex relationships
  • Sexual crimes:
      -Rape or sexual assault 
      -Statutory rape; age of consent
  • Pregnancy:
      -Abortion, parental consent, and judicial bypass of parental consent requirement
      -Establishing paternity
      -Child support
  • Tattoos, body piercing, and tanning

Entering the “Real World”

  • Age of majority and emancipation
  • Going to work:
      -Limits on jobs minors can have
      -Minimum wage and overtime
      -Paycheck deductions
      -Social security numbers
      -Getting fired
      -Benefits: breaks, vacation, sick leave
      -Drug, alcohol and lie detector tests
      -Worker’s compensation and unemployment insurance
      -Discrimination and sexual harassment
      -Pregnancy and disabilities
      -Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
  • Registering for selective service 
  • Entering the military
  • Money:
      -Bank accounts
      -Credit cards
      -Debit cards
      -Credit reports

Entering the “Real World” (Continued) 

  • Fraud and Consumer Protection
  • Housing:
      -Renting an Apartment
      -Roommates and subleases
      -Living in the Apartment
      -Problems with the apartment
      -Moving out
      -Public housing
  • Jury duty
  • Voting
  • Student Loans & Financial Aid

Cars and Guns

  • Driving in Alaska:
      -Kinds of driver’s licenses
      -Financial responsibility and mandatory insurance
      -Other laws related to driving
  • Guns, knives, and other weapons
  • Fireworks
  • Crossing the Canadian border
  • Hunting and fishing in Alaska

Family Life
Family Law Glossary of Legal Terms

  • Marriage
  • Divorce and dissolution:
       -Property division
       -Child custody
       -Child support
  • Domestic violence and stalking
  • Parents’ rights and responsibilities:
       -Duty to support children
       -Right to children’s wages
       -Liability for actions of children
  • Ending parental rights and responsibilities:
       -Child in Need of Aid (CINA) procedures:
           -Emergency protective custody
           -Non-emergency temporary custody
           -Termination of parental rights
           -Rights in CINA cases
  • Guardian ad litem
  • Reporting child abuse and neglect
  • Accessing public benefits:
       -Alaska Temporary Assistance Program (ATAP)
       -Food stamps
       -Denali Kidcare
       -Section 8/Public Housing

School Days

  • Attendance
  • Physicals/Vaccinations
  • Rights
  • Dress Code
  • Phones & Computers
  • Privacy & Searches
  • Discipline:
     -Types of discipline
     -Discipline procedures
  • Electronic Bullying

The Courts

  • Lawsuits and non-criminal court procedures
  • The Right to Appeal
  • Youth Court

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Resources for Assistance

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Thank You!


The Law-related Education Committee of the Alaska Bar Association thanks the generous contributions of the following writers and editors.  Without their expertise, this Guide could not have been published.

Principal Editor: Virginia Rusch

Anita Alves
Barbara Armstrong

Erin Bennett
Brooke Berens

Jason Brandeis
Molly Carver
Terisia Chleborad
Matt Claman
Emily Cooper
Jessica Dillon
Kathleen Doherty
Thomas A. Dosik
Cynthia Drinkwater
Monica Elkinton
Marie Evans
Maryann Foley
Ryan Fortson
Eric Goldwarg
Nancy Gordon
Joanne Grace
Megyn Greider
Carmen Gutierrez
Andy Harrington
Leslie Hiebert
Lee Holen
Sarah Horton
Maggie Humm
Lars Johnson
Barbara Jones
Steven King
Kristin S. Knudsen
Amy Lance
Stacey Marz
Marilyn May
Jill McLeod
Allison Mendel
Antonia Moras
Deb Periman
Elizabeth Perry
Matthew Prieksat
Cam Rader
Krista Scully
George Skladal
Ed Sniffen
Matthew Teaford
Irene Tresser
Tom Wagner
Thomas V. Wang
Samantha Weinstein
Diane Wendlandt
Bruce Weyhrauch
Denise Wike
Davyn D. Williams
Adolf Zeman

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