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Admission by UBE Score Transfer

(Updated 12/4/2013)

Effective January 1, 2014, Alaska adopted the Uniform Bar Examination (UBE).  Alaska will administer the first UBE during the July 2014 bar examination.

After January 1, 2014, the Alaska Bar Association will accept UBE score transfers.  An applicant for admission may transfer a UBE score if the applicant has:

  • Achieved a scaled score of 280 or above; and

  • Taken the UBE exam in another jurisdiction within five years prior to the date of application to the Alaska Bar Association;

  • Met the requirements of Alaska Bar Rule 2, Section 1.

Please contact the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE) to request that an official transcript be sent directly to the Alaska Bar Association.

Here is a link to jurisdictions that have adopted the UBE.

If you took the UBE in Alaska and would like to transfer your UBE score to another jurisdiction, contact the NCBE.


An application fee of $800 must be submitted with your application.

Application packet

The application forms for UBE Score Transfer are available in PDF format.  You will need Adobe Reader to open, fill in, and print the documents.  (Get Adobe Reader.)

1.  Application for Admission by UBE Score Transfer.

2.  Character and Fitness/Reference Forms:  submit one for each listing in Questions 8 & 9 of application.

3.  Authorization & Release form

4.  Two 2” by 2” photographs (passport-size photos)

5.  Fingerprint card (instructions)

6.  Application fee of $800


Application checklist

Request the following to be sent directly to the Alaska Bar Association:

1.  UBE Official Score Transcript from NCBE

2.  Certificate of graduation from law school:  the certificate must contain your name, the name of the law school, graduation date, degree received and the school’s seal.

3.  Certificate of good standing from each state or Washington, D.C., to which you have been admitted.

4.  MPRE score of 80 or higher from NCBE

Admissions FAQs

Withdrawals and Refunds:  An administrative fee of $175 will be withheld if the application is denied on the basis of character, or if the applicant withdraws the application after the character investigation is commenced.

An administrative fee of $50 will be withheld if the application is denied because the applicant fails to demonstrate eligibility for admission by UBE score transfer, or if the applicant withdraws the application before the character investigation is commenced.

All Applicants

Additional Requirements for Admission to the Alaska Bar Association

1.  MPRE score of 80 or higher at an exam taken not more than eight years prior to your application for admission

2.  Mandatory Ethics course

3.  Alaska Bar Rule 64 affidavit

All Applicants

All applicants are responsible for reading the Alaska Bar Rules 1 – 5 governing admission which can be found on the Alaska Court System website.

1.  Applicants must provide full names, exact dates and current complete mailing addresses, including zip codes.

2.  Employment references:  list dates of employment, supervisor, and nature of employment.

3.  For questions on criminal proceedings, applicants must provide information as to where the records can be located, including name and address of office, offense, offense date, disposition and case number.

4.  The application must be typed, signed and notarized.

5.  You must update your application if anything occurs after submission that would change or alter any of your answers.

6.  You must notify the Alaska Bar of any address or name changes.

All Applicants

Admission Requirements

Requirements for Admission to Practice - Alaska Bar Rule 5(a) sets forth the requirements for admission. The Rule requires that an applicant must:

  1. Have passed the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination (MPRE) with a scaled score of 80 or higher at an exam taken not more than eight years prior to your application for admission;

      The MPRE is administered separately three times a year (March, August, November) by the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE). The MPRE may be taken at any time by an applicant to the Alaska Bar (e.g., while still in law school, before the bar exam or after the bar exam).

  2. Attend a course on attorney ethics as prescribed by the Board.  Applicants will be notified when group viewings of the mandatory ethics course DVD are scheduled at the Bar office in Anchorage.  Contact the Bar office if you cannot attend a group viewing.

  3. File an affidavit of review with the Alaska Bar Association that he or she has read and is familiar with the Alaska Rules of Professional Conduct (ARPC) in accordance with Alaska Bar Rule 64;

  4. Be found by the Board of Governors of the Alaska Bar to meet the standard of character and fitness as required by Alaska Bar Rule 2(1)(d);

  5. Pay pro-rated active membership fees for that portion of the calendar year remaining at time of admission;

  6. Complete the registration paperwork; and

  7. Swear to the Oath of Attorney prescribed in Section 3 of Alaska Bar Rule 5.

Once eligible for admission, an attorney applicant must be sworn in within sixty (60) days or be deemed to have abandoned his or her application.

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