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Susan Magestro’s Bio

Susan Magestro is a criminologist, educator, speaker, author, and consultant. Her criminal cases involve serious crimes that have been committed by youth or in which youth are victims.  Her work has led her to develop highly effective strategies to de-escalate rage, empower victims, and many more.  Susan teaches these strategies to professionals who work with youth in a variety of settings; legal, law enforcement, mental health, education, etc.  In addition, she provides informational sessions and trainings for parents and community members.  Susan has keynoted at several international conferences and trained law enforcement and prison personnel through out the United States and internationally. She has worked alongside numerous family law attorneys in child custody cases, child in need of aid cases, to name a few. She has written reports and evaluations, and testified in court as well. Her book, Empowering The Victim, was published in 2009.

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