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Revised May, 2014

Annual Meeting
Call an annual meeting of the section. This meeting is usually held in September (or October if that is a section's first fall meeting) at the section’s regular meeting location. The Bar office will email meeting notifications to section members.

Executive Committee
Coordinate the naming of section members to serve on the Executive Committee. Request for nominations is sent out by the Bar office in the late summer of each year. You will be notified of names placed in nomination. The committee should be made up of a minimum of 5 members each of whom serves a 3-year term. Each term ends September 30th of the appropriate year. Vacancies may be filled by appointment by the Executive Committee. Attention should be given to geographic representation and diversity on the committee.

Regular Section Meetings
Convene regular section meetings (usually monthly but can be bi-monthly or quarterly) at a location that allows telephonic hookup for out of town section members. Meetings may be held in the Bar office conference room. Contact the Section Coordinator regarding space location. The Bar office also assists with teleconference calls for out-of-town section members during section meetings. The Bar pays for these calls. Most section meetings are held at noon and are brown bag lunches at the Bar office; some sections hold meetings at noon in law firms’ conference rooms. The Bar office e-mails meeting reminder notifications to your section as well as meeting material. Most sections do not meet during the summer months. 

Annual Updates
Oversee preparation of Section Annual Updates. Updates covering recent case law and legislation in the section’s area of law are due in the Bar office anytime throughout the year.  They can be presented as part of regular monthly section meetings or as a CLE.

Section News
Submit section meeting and other information for the monthly newsletter, Section News, to the Section Coordinator by the middle of each month (date set by the Section Coordinator).  You will receive a reminder by e-mail.  Section News is e-mailed to all section members.  As of May 2014, hard copies are no longer produced and mailed. Section meeting information is also posted on the Bar’s website calendar.

CLE Programs
Coordinate with the CLE Director on all section-sponsored CLEs. Each section is required by the standing policy to sponsor one CLE every two years. Allow 4-6 months planning time. All CLE activities must be coordinated through the CLE Director who has CLE budget authority and sole authority to contract with speakers and other organizations. Sections have no authority over a CLE budget and cannot commit Bar money, staff time or other resources. It is the CLE Director’s responsibility to ensure that each CLE activity covers direct program costs and fits into the overall yearly CLE calendar. Any agreements with other organizations to represent programs jointly must receive prior approval by the CLE Director. In a case of co-sponsorships involving program funds, prior approval by the Board of Governors is required.

Annual Report
Submit section annual report to the Board of Governors. This report is due in early April for submission to the Board for their May meeting. It is also emailed to all section members. Starting in 2011, Bar staff prepares the report for chairs listing all section meeting topics and CLEs held by individual sections during the prior year. 

Please contact the Section Coordinator regarding section budget questions. The sections as a whole have a budget to cover Section News, teleconference calls for section meetings, and other section-related expenses. There are not individual budgets for each section. Incidental expenses, such as monthly meeting speaker lunch costs, may be handled on a reimbursable basis. Please contact the Section Coordinator for questions.

Membership Solicitation
The Section Coordinator will send you an updated list of your executive committee and section membership at the beginning of March each calendar year (after the dues/memership deadline). They are also listed on the Bar's website. Late each year, the Bar automatically sends out requests for section membership renewal as part of the regular Bar dues notice. Non-Bar members may join as non-voting associate members of the section. Membership for all section members must be renewed yearly.

For assistance with Section business, contact the Section Coordinator at the Bar office (840 K Street, Suite 100, Anchorage, AK 99501). Our telephone number is 907/272-7469 (fax 907-232-2932).
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