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Pro Bono Recruitment Letter


Dear Colleague—

Everyone loves a challenge. Here’s one for you: make this the year you provide a significant contribution to equal justice in Alaska by serving a client pro bono or increasing the pro bono efforts you are already making.

            Join us. We need your help.

The legal community has a long history of serving the legal needs of low income Alaskans. Last year nearly 300 volunteer attorneys provided free legal service to Alaskans in need. We are proud of these efforts. We also realize that we are making a small dent in the unmet legal needs in Alaska. The 2002 Supreme Court Task Force Report identified that Alaska has 80,000 low-income citizens, 50% of whom need legal assistance each year. 

            Your community needs your help.

Alaska’s four legal services providers--Alaska Legal Services Corporation, Alaska Pro Bono Program, Alaska Network on Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault and the Alaska Immigration Justice Project--rely on volunteers. Each program provides a unique opportunity for you to give in profound ways. Protect a life. Prevent the loss of a home. Foster a custody agreement that works for a family. Mentor a new practitioner. Protect basic human rights. 

Please don’t let a lack of training or experience keep you from contributing. Training is available in a variety of areas. If you don’t have much experience, attorneys who do are available to serve as your mentor. If you have a good deal of experience but not much time, consider serving as a mentor yourself.

  The programs need your help.

The challenge remains. This is why you should help: volunteering is the shortest route to protecting equal justice in Alaska. It improves the public image of the legal profession. It supports opportunities for excellent lawyering by training and mentoring less experienced practitioners. It challenges you to hone your craft in new areas. It’s a professional obligation that changes lives and makes a difference—for clients and attorneys alike.

We urge you to take the next step. Read about the legal service providers in the enclosed materials and make your commitment to volunteer in the next year. 

  We deeply appreciate your support. Your participation demonstrates the very best in our profession.


Very truly yours,


Sidney Billingslea, President (2009-2010)                       Krista M. Scully, Pro Bono Director

Alaska Bar Association Board of Governors                     Alaska Bar Association


 Interested in signing up?  See the Pro Bono Brochure.

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