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Current Pro Bono Cases

Updated 3/13/2015

Landlord/Tenant Legal Hotline
ALSC is seeking two volunteer attorneys to staff the Landlord/Tenant Legal Hotline.  You do not have to have experience in Landlord Tenant Law.  This can be done via phone from anywhere – any city, your home, your office, or your cell phone.  Shifts are regularly scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6-8pm.  Contact Laura Goss at if you are interested in learning more about getting involved.

Alaska Legal Services Corporation is looking for volunteer assistance with the following cases:

New pro bono cases:

Anchorage – AN-15-14787
Woman in her 20’s needs help with a tax issue.  A tax preparing company made errors in her 2011 tax return which has cost her thousands of dollars since in fees and garnishments.  She’s contacted the IRS, who was helpful and agree the problem was with the tax service, and who suggested she get counsel to figure out the error. 

Anchorage -14-12116
65 year old veteran, who’s been homeless in the past, needs negotiating assistance to enter a more manageable payment plan for back Child Support.  The monthly garnishment does not even cover the interest accruing.  He is very frustrated with the current situation and barely making it financially.

Chitina – PA-15-14373
Mother needs assistance with her custody/visitation case involving her three children with an ex-boyfriend now living in Valdez.  His escalated alcohol abuse has put their children in dangerous situations (he plays with guns around the children, took a child to the bar with him, threatened to put son in the wood stove, etc.)  She has a protective order and they have been separated since 2013.  The children’s father has retained an attorney.  Due to the distance involved, some case work would be by phone, however client comes to Anchorage regularly and does have internet. 

Fairbanks – FA-15-14748
Client had a custody order issued in 2008 in AK.  Four years ago the father took the child on vacation out of state and has never returned.  This case will need an attorney comfortable with family law and jurisdictional issues under UCCJEA.  Alaska has jurisdiction.  The location of the child has recently been learned. 

Fairbanks – FA-15-14864
26 year old woman is in need of a divorce from her abusive husband.   They were together for 8 years, but the abuse did not begin until after they married in 2012.  They have a 2 year old together.  Client has obtained a DVPO.

Kenai – AN-15-14845
27 year old veteran who’s served 4 tours in Afghanistan needs representation in divorce and custody proceedings.  After ending his Air Force service to stay home with his family, his wife told him she wanted a divorce and hired an attorney.  Client had to move to Anchorage to be accessible to the VA for his medical and mental health treatment; his family still resides in Kenai and he has very limited contact with his children. 

Ketchikan – KA-14-13090
Senior woman would like to file Bankruptcy.  Her creditors are calling her non-stop and she would like relief from her debt. 

Palmer – PA-14-13877
32 year old veteran and single father seeks assistance filing for bankruptcy.  He is currently the caregiver for both his children and his mother who has dementia, plus he works part-time.  His debt situation is too complex to address on an individual-creditor bases.  Client will be an engaged and responsive client. 

Wasilla– PA-14-14122
Young woman would like legal assistance with her Unemployment Appeal.  Client claims she was unfairly terminated, and the employer has given inconsistent reasons for terminating her.  She has a newborn and needs her unemployment benefits to provide for her child. 

Help Seniors Experiencing a Cut in their Personal Care Aide Hours
ALSC has several of these cases to place pro bono.  Would you like to make a significant difference in the daily life of a low-income Senior?  ALSC will train you to assist our clients with Personal Care Assistant Hours Reductions and Medicaid Waivers.  Skills honed will be client interviewing and representing clients in administrative appeal hearings.  This is a very rewarding project and a great learning experience for young lawyers wanting to learn a different area of the law and how it intersects with medical issues.  Interested?  Contact Laura Goss at ALSC for more information.  907-222-4521 or

Other cases:

Anchorage – AN-14-13891
Alaska Native woman seeks to adopt her 7 year old grandson, whom she has raised since he was 2.  The birth mother is an addict and has serious cognitive impairment and the birth father lives out of state.  The child was placed with her through the Eklutna Tribal Court.  This is an ICWA adoption. 

Anchorage – AN-14-13717
A young Alaska Native woman entered into a sale agreement to purchase a trailer and has made substantial repairs.  While making payments, she learned the seller is actually in foreclosure with the trailer.  She stopped making payments in January due to this, and the original owner has locked her out of the trailer with her belongings still inside. 

Anchorage:  AN-13-08589
Grandmother who has Power of Attorney is seeking guardianship of 8 year old grandson.  The child’s father was murdered in 2007, and the mother has a significant alcohol abuse problem and lives out of state.  Mother has made threats to take the son to California, and the client wants to maintain his safety. 

Anchorage – AN-14-13554
60 year old woman seeks legal assistance related to unpaid property taxes on her home.  After the end of a long-term relationship this year, her ex said he would release his interest in the property to her but has not.  She lost her job a few months ago and cannot afford to pay the back taxes owed.  She is also behind on her promissory note payments as is at risk to lose the home.  She would like to set up a payment plan with the MOA and negotiate a resolution with the Trust. 

Anchorage – AN-14-13614
Woman needs assistance in a wrongful termination regarding a work-related injury.  After using all of her paid leave, she applied for FMLA, but while waiting on a determination was told by her employer she needed to return to work to avoid termination, despite her continued pain.  When she explained she was still in horrible pain and unable to work, she was terminated and her FMLA was denied.  She had neck surgery in October and is still unable to work.  Client has filed claims with the Anchorage Equal Rights Commission and the US Department of Labor, who are investigating her claims.  Can you help her obtain need back wages or other damages from her employer?  She is close to being homeless with no prospects for gainful employment due to her continued pain. 

Palmer – PA-14-12331
Young woman needs assistance with establishing her interest in a piece of real property.  Attempts to negotiate with the land owner, her uncle who lives in Bethel, have failed so far.  She likely needs to open a superior court case and request a declaratory judgment regarding the parties’ respective interests.

Anchorage – Palmer – Kenai – Juneau – Early Resolution Project (ERP)
In one afternoon, you will offer free legal advice to family law pro se litigants referred by the Alaska Court System, who they have deemed as easy to resolve with attorney assistance.  You will meet privately with your client and work out an amicable agreement between both parties that same day.  86% of ERP cases are amicably completed that afternoon.  ERP volunteers are needed in Anchorage, Palmer, Juneau, and now Kenai.  ERP sessions are held once per month in each city.  Contact Laura Goss at ALSC for more information.  907-222-4521 or

Please contact Laura Goss if you are interested in taking a case.  Phone: 907-222-4521

The Alaska Network on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault is seeking volunteers for the following cases:

Anchorage divorce and custody case: volunteer attorney needed to help victim of domestic violence obtain a divorce and custody of one child. Client currently has a long-term protection order which the opposing party has violated. Opposing party has perpetrated domestic violence both to the client and her children from a previous relationship.

Fairbanks: Volunteer attorney needed to help victim of domestic violence obtain custody of her two minor children. Client was recently granted a long-term protective order against the opposing party who has a history of substance abuse and assault charges in multiple states.

Fairbanks custody matter: volunteer attorney needed to help victim of domestic violence obtain custody of two minor children. Client was recently granted a long-term protective order, opposing party is currently in prison for assault against client. He has previously violated protective orders and has a history of substance abuse.

Interested?  Please contact Christine Pate if you are interested in assisting with any of the above cases.

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