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Current Pro Bono Cases

Updated 3/18/2014

Alaska Legal Services Corporation is looking for volunteer assistance with the following cases:

Anchorage – AN-14-10401
64 year old woman seeks a portion of her ex-husband’s retirement.  Client separated from husband in 1983 after nine years together, and a divorce decree was not entered until 1992.  This woman requires the use of a walker and has countless other medical issues that she attributes to the physical and sexual abuse her ex-husband inflicted.  Main issue is whether she can receive a portion of the retirement that accrued during their marriage. 

Anchorage – AN-14-10805
Couple wants to adopt a cousin’s daughter to provide her with a safe, loving home.  The child’s mother died in September 2013. 

Kenai Peninsula – KN-14-10317
Client would like a divorce, spousal support, and health care coverage from husband who works on the slope.  When husband’s mother was diagnosed with Hepatitis, she spent 5 years as her caregiver until her death.  In 2006, when she discovered she’s contracted Hepatitis from her mother-in-law, her husband left that day.  She has no insurance coverage, is currently in dialysis three times a week and is number 1 on the dual transplant list.  Living in a dry cabin makes her daily care extremely difficult.

Mat-Su Valley – PA-14-10523
A senior disabled veteran is struggling to represent himself in a dispute over the subdivision of some land, which is his only asset.  He has a brain injury and short term memory loss, and therefore is at an extreme disadvantage in trying to represent himself.  He is being sued for $200,000 plus in damages.  This case has a strong potential for settlement.

Please contact Laura Goss if you are interested in taking a case.  Phone: 907-272-9431

The Alaska Network on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault is seeking volunteers for the following cases:

Anchorage:  Client needs help with a custody case.  Long term domestic violence including a few criminal convictions by the opposing party; case is not yet filed.

Fairbanks:  Divorce assistance for a severely abused mother needs help getting custody of children from father.  Children are with mother in state custody due to horrible violence by father to whole family.  OCS won’t release custody until there is a custody order in divorce for mother.

Kenai:  Divorce and custody on behalf of young mother with a baby who needs help getting divorce and custody of child from abusive husband. 

Sitka:  Bankruptcy consult needed for a victim of domestic violence who has a large judgment against her for negligent actions caused by her abusive ex partner. 

Please contact Christine Pate if you are interested in assisting with any of the above cases.

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