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Links are listed under three categories: Sites Specific to Alaska, Malpractice Insurance, and National Links. 

* Sites Specific to Alaska


  • Alaska Association of Paralegals
    The Alaska Association of Paralegals is a non-profit association comprised of individual members.

  • Alaska Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
    The Alaska Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers is an Alaska non-profit professional organization dedicated to the goal of fighting for fundamental rights of all of Alaska's Citizens.  We are an association of Criminal defense lawyers and other professionals working to uphold the ideals of the Alaskan legal system of which Justice Rabinowitz was so proud.

  • Alaska Child Support Guidelines Website
    This website provides all of the materials necessary to understand and apply Alaska’s child support guidelines -- Civil Rule 90.3. The site includes the rule (with numerous cross links), the commentary, statutes, regulations, caselaw (including case summaries organized by subject area), examples of how to apply Rule 90.3, court and CSED forms, links to state and national child support sites, and more.

  • Alaska Commission on Judicial Conduct
    Alaska’s Commission on Judicial Conduct oversees the conduct of justices of the Alaska Supreme Court, judges of the state court of appeals, state superior court judges, and state district court judges. The Commission cannot handle complaints against magistrates, masters, attorneys or federal judicial officers.

  • Alaska Court System
    The Alaska Court System web site offers a variety of court-related resources as well as links to state, federal and international legal resources.

  • Alaska Department of Law
    The Department of Law is the state Attorney General’s office. The department is divided into the civil division, which represents most state agencies, and the criminal division, which includes all district attorneys. The criminal division prosecutes state criminal cases.

  • Alaska Judicial Council
    The Judicial Council web site provides information about the section of judges, including a judicial application; the evaluation/retention of judges, including extensive evaluation materials on each retention judge; and Internet versions of all Judicial Council reports.

  • Alaska Law Help
    AlaskaLawHelp is a guide to civil legal services and resources for low-income persons and seniors in Alaska. This site provides information on various free and low-cost legal programs in Alaska, including basic eligibility and contact information. Here you can find links to web sites offering helpful information, schedules of free self-help clinics, forms, and legal education documents that give you basic information on a number of legal problems. This site is a service that is made possible through the generosity of the Legal Services Corporation and is supported by a number of partner organizations throughout Alaska. The web site was created by Pro Bono Net and is maintained by staff at Alaska Legal Services Corporation.

  • Alaska Law Review
    Duke University School of Law publishes the Alaska Law Review for the Alaska Bar Association.

  • Alaska Legal Administrators
    The Alaska Association of Legal Administrators (Alaska ALA) is a nonprofit organization comprised of legal administrators who share a personal commitment to increasing professionalism of law office administration. Through the resources of the national and local organization members are provided opportunities for continuing education, insight into industry trends, analysis of emerging management techniques and a wide array of information designed with one purpose in mind – to assist members in becoming better support to their law firms or agencies.

  • Alaska Legal Resource Center
    The Alaska Legal Resource Center provides free access to public legal resources, such as case law, court rules, statutes and regulations.

  • Alaska Legal Services Corporation
    Alaska Legal Services Corporation is a private, non-profit corporation that provides free civil legal assistance to low-income Alaskans. The program is funded through grants and contracts from federal, state, and local sources.

  • Alaska Native Justice Center
    ANJC serves as a bridge between Alaska Natives and Alaska's justice systems. We provide individuals with the resources necessary to resolve their circumstances and we offer support to all parties involved in legal issues.

  • Alaska Public Defender Agency
    The Public Defender Agency provides legal services, consistent with constitutional guarantees, to indigent persons, generally in criminal cases.

  • Alaska Rules of Professional Conduct
    This link will take you to the Alaska Court System page that contains the Alaska Rules of Professional Conduct.
  • Alaska Shorthand Reporters Association
    In addition to listing the certified court reporters and videographers in Alaska, we also include helpful resources such as tips on "Making the Record."

  • Alaska State Government
    Alaska’s official home page. Lots of information about the state, including links. State Employee Directory Contact information, including email addresses, for almost every employee of every state agency. Handy search engine.

  • Alaska Trial Lawyers
    The Alaska Association for Justice is a nonprofit organization comprised of trial lawyers who represent the interests of people who have been injured or who have unfairly suffered due to the negligent action of others.

  • Anchorage Bar Association
    The Anchorage Bar Association is a voluntary association of Anchorage area lawyers and other law office professionals. The Anchorage Bar Association provides many social and professional activities for its members and supports the community at large through grants for non-profit, justice-related, charitable or educational purposes.

  • National Association of Legal Secretaries of Anchorage
    NALS of Anchorage is an organization dedicated to upgrading the knowledge and efficiency of legal personnel. In addition to stressing continuing legal education, the organization strives to promote a high standard of ethics among its members and cooperates with the judiciary and bar in maintaining professional standards.

  • Family Law Self-Help Center
    The Family Law Self-Help Center is a public service provided by the Alaska Court System dedicated to helping self-represented people achieve a better understanding of family law procedures, to increase access to family law courts, and to facilitate quicker resolution of family law matters.

  • Gender Neutral Language in the Courts Pamphlet
    This pamphlet has been re-printed by the Gender Equality Section of the Alaska Bar Association with the permission of The New York State Judicial Committee on Women in the Courts, chaired by Hon. Betty Weinberg Ellerin.

    Advocating the use of gender neutral language, New York Chief Judge Judith S.Kaye has said, "It’s simply the right thing to do." This pamphlet was an effort to make doing this ?right thing? easy and comfortable. This second edition has been published by the New York State Judicial Committee on Women in the Courts to answer the continuing interest in the pamphlet?s concise suggestions as well as to keep before the court community a standard for language that speaks fairly of?and to?us all.

  • Ninth Circuit Judicial Conference
    Alaska has four lawyer representatives assigned to the Alaska District of the Ninth Circuit Judicial Conference.  These “lawyer reps” meet periodically with federal judges, the court clerk, and other federal administrators in the Alaska District, to discuss federal practice and procedure issues and proposals.  The lawyer reps also participate in annual meetings of the Ninth Circuit Judicial Conference.

  • Office of Public Advocacy
    OPA represents vulnerable children, incapacitated adults, and some criminal defendants. NOTE: OPA only represents clients when the agency is appointed by the court.

Malpractice Insurance

  • ALPS
    Attorneys Liability Protection Society. This is the Bar sponsored malpractice insurance program.

National Links

  • ABA Commission on IOLTA
    The ABA Commission on IOLTA supports the operation of IOLTA programs nationwide. It also maintains the IOLTA Clearinghouse, which provides information, materials and technical assistance on IOLTA program design and operation.

  • ABA Lawyer Referral Directory for All States
    This is the American Bar Association’s webpage that provides contact information for all lawyer referral services throughout the country.

  • ABA: Contact Info for All Bar Associations
    This American Bar Association web page links to contact information for state and local bar associations throughout the country.

  • ABA Section of Legal Education & Admissions to the Bar
    This page is part of the American Bar Association web site. It sets out the rules and practices of all U.S. jurisdictions for admission to the bar by examination and on motion. This site links to all the state boards of bar examiners web sites (for those that maintain a website).

  • ALI CLE (The American Law Institute Continuing Legal Education)
    ALI CLE, a provider of continuing legal education in the United States since 1947, offers a comprehensive curriculum of post-admission legal education courses, course materials, video and audio tapes, satellite broadcasts, books, magazines, computer disks, electronic publications, plus much more.

  • American Bar Association
    This is an on-line guide to the ABA’s wide range of member programs, customized services, publications, and discounted products.

  • Association of Legal Administrators
    This website is for the national chapter of the Association of Legal Administrators.

  • BARBRI Bar Review Course
    This site has information about the Bar Review course. You can select general information or do a search by state bar exam.

    IOLTA (Interest on Lawyers Trust Accounts) is a law-related public service program that strengthens our justice system.
    IOLTA programs operate throughout the United States and Canada. They generate funds that are used to support legal aid, legal education for the public, and other activities that improve the quality of justice.

  • Law Practice Today
    Law Practice Today is a free monthly e-zine published by the ABA Law Practice Management Section. You can subscribe to receive e-mail notifications when the new issue is published. This publication has recently featured top-notch articles on a variety of practice management issues.

  • Lawyer Referral Services
    This website offers a comprehensive list of all Lawyer Referral Services around the country. This is useful to those trying to find an attorney out of state in a specific area of law practice.

  • National Institute for Trial Advocacy
    NITA is a not-for-profit institute, headquartered at the University of Notre Dame. NITA is dedicated to developing methods and materials for teaching trial advocacy and litigation-related skills, thus contributing to the development of an adequately trained, professionally responsible trial bar to better serve the needs of justice in the United States.

  • U.S. District Courts
    This is website for the U.S. District Courts for the District of Alaska: the U.S. District Court, the U.S. Bankruptcy Court & the Probation Court for the District of Alaska.
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