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Meet the Board

Alex Bryner
Blake Chupka
Laura Farley
Bill Gordon
Bill Granger
Gene Gustafson
Don McClintock
Mike Moberly
Leslie Need
Nelson Page
Hanna Sebold
Adam Trombley
Jeff Wildridge


Name: Alex Bryner
Attorney Member
Board member since: 2010
City: Anchorage, AK
Alaska resident since: 1969
Firm or Agency: Feldman Orlansky & Sanders
Law School: Stanford Law School

Several factoids about me that people may or may not want to know:

  • My first employer in Alaska was George Frank Boney.

  • My favorite activities are bike riding and cross-country skiing.

  • My favorite movie and movie personality is Godzilla -- at right is a picture of Godzilla riding one of my bikes.

  • My favorite TV series ever is Mystery Science Theater 3000.

  • My favorite book is E.R. Eddison's The Worm Ouroboros.

  • My favorite metal is bamboo.

  • I have never attended the Alaska State Fair or eaten a fried Twinkie.

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Name: Blake Chupka
Position: Vice President
Board member since: 2012
City: Ketchikan, AK
Alaska resident since: 2003
Firm or Agency: Boyette & Chupka
Law School: University of Michigan Law School

5 things you don't know about me…

  1. I’m a huge baseball fan.

  2. I have a dog named Molly.

  3. I’ve caught a 40 lb. King Salmon and a 100 lb. Halibut.

  4. My favorite TV show is Curb Your Enthusiasm.

  5. I’m looking forward to spending more time with family in the future.

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Name: Laura Farley
Position: Attorney Member
Board member since: 2012
City: Anchorage, AK
Alaska resident since: 1992
Firm or Agency: Farley & Graves PC
Law School: University of Puget Sound School of Law

I have been a lawyer and resident of Alaska for 20 years.  I love litigation.  I have had over 35 jury trials all over the State.  My hobbies are fly-fishing, playing with my dogs (Abby an Australian Shepherd and Rolo a Rottweiler), and gardening.  My husband and I travel as much as possible and have been to Africa on safari, Italy, Turkey, and Greece.  We are planning another trip to Africa next year as well as a trip to Australia in 2014 for my 50th Birthday.  This year we did a cruise of the Inside Passage and I recommend it for all Alaska residents.  The one thing you might not know about me is that I am obsessed with food.  I love to cook and eat and so I exercise all the time so I can enjoy more food.  I like to modify recipes to make light versions of my favorites.  Cooking Light is the only magazine I subscribe to.

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Name: Bill Gordon
Position: Public Member
Board member since: 2012
City: Salcha, AK
Alaska resident since: Lifelong Alaskan
Firm or Agency: Retired
Education: University of North Carolina

  • Lived first three years as a toddler in Pt. Hope, AK.

  • Lived in Anchorage 4 years serving as a teacher at Chugiak High.

  • Lived in Juneau 4 years working as an aide to Governor Jay Hammond.

  • Lived in Fairbanks where I have owned several businesses, most recently investor-owned public utilities.

  • Currently reside on Harding Lake in Salcha, AK.

  • Graduated from University of North Carolina and remain an avid UNC basketball fan (Duke Law School graduates who applied for judgeships during my term on the Alaska Judicial Council will remember tough examinations!).

  • Married to Bonnie. We have three children.

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Name: Bill Granger
Position: Treasurer (Public Member)
Board member: 2001-2009 / 2011-Present
City: Anchorage, AK
Alaska resident since: 1964
Firm or Agency: Wells Fargo
Education: Gonzaga University (Undergraduate), University of Washington (Graduate Pacific Coast Banking School), Notre Dame University (Graduate Catholic Charity Management, Mendoza College of Business)

  • I have been a pilot most of my life, flying a J-3 while attending Romig junior high school, and today owning a Cessna 185 and a Super Cub. Hunting/fishing and spending time at my cabin consumes most of my non-working time. My wife and I love to travel. Last year we visited Egypt, Israel, and Turkey.

  • I have always had a fascination with the law. In high school while working at Matanuska Valley Bank I would spend my spare time in the law library, studying cases and writing briefs, finding this to be fun and very interesting, but I was the only guy who wore a white shirt and tie to school every day also. Maybe by today’s standards I would be considered a nerd. The middle of my junior year at Dimond High School I was accepted into Gonzaga University. After attending Gonzaga I returned to Alaska and my work in banking. If my love of banking had not been stronger I surely would have attended law school.

  • Married 31 years (Diane Otto), three children; Suzie, Andrew, and Christopher.

  • Employed by Wells Fargo Bank N.A. Senior Vice President. Every bank I have worked for has been acquired by Wells Fargo. 40 years banking in Alaska. Currently supervise the Credit Management Groups in Alaska, Washington and Oregon.

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Name: Gene Gustafson
Position: Attorney Member
Board member since: 2011
City: Fairbanks, AK
Alaska resident since: 1997
Firm or Agency: Attorney General’s Office
Law School: University of Idaho College of Law

My passions and places you might find me throughout the year:

  • Over the years, even before moving to Alaska in 1997, I developed a passion for fly fishing for salmon in Alaska’s rivers and streams. So when the fish are running you will hopefully find me fly fishing in my favorite salmon stream, which I much prefer to shoveling snow in Fairbanks as shown in the photo.

  • As the statewide director of competition BBQ judging, I have joined the hunt for the elusive morsel of smoked BBQ perfection. So every year in late July you will find me at Pioneer Park in Fairbanks directing the judging of the Alaska State BBQ championship. The state champion has the honor of representing the State of Alaska at the three biggest BBQ competitions in the world, Memphis in May, the Kansas City Royal, and the Jack Daniels in Lynchburg, Tennessee (the holy grail of BBQ competitions).

  • By virtue of my BBQ judging, I have also developed my own passion for BBQ. So on the 4th of July you will find me in my back yard surrounded by friends and hardwood fired smokers filled with brisket, pork shoulder, ribs and chicken thighs, accompanied by a nice big glass of ice tea. You might also find me hovering around a smoker in the winter, as long as the temperature is above -20.

  • Since junior high I have enjoyed woodworking with hand tools. So whenever I’m not fishing or cooking/judging BBQ, you’re apt to find me either reading about woodworking, or in the shop working on a project or admiring and caring for my tools.

  • As an offshoot of my interest in woodworking, I also enjoy building and remodeling projects. So when I find the time you might find me either building a shed, a greenhouse, or a deck, or maybe even remodeling a kitchen or a bathroom.

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Name: Don McClintock
Position: Attorney Member
Board member since: 2008
City: Anchorage, AK
Alaska resident since: 1980
Firm or Agency: Ashburn & Mason PC
Law School: Harvard Law School

I have learned a lot from my service on the Board.  However, prior to joining the Board, I already knew how to fish, under the tutelage of Captain RT, a stern but fair taskmaster.  While not governing and fishing, I work with and enjoy the company of my talented colleagues at Ashburn and Mason.  My wife Joanie Cleary and I enjoy wine and travel and especially travel to areas with good wine. We recently finished the first two walking legs (169 Km) of the Camino Frances (one of several medieval pilgrimage ways to Santiago Compostela, Spain) with our son Daniel and enjoyed recuperating in the vineyards of La Rioja.  Two years ago we walked the last 112 km leg into Santiago with our daughter Kime.  So the future seems to require finishing the middle portion-not perhaps the approved peregrino way-- but still fun and rewarding.

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Name: Mike Moberly
Position: President
Board member since: 2010
City: Anchorage, AK
Alaska resident since: Grew up in Southeast Alaska (Ketchikan, Juneau, Tenakee Springs)
Firm or Agency: Hozubin & Moberly
Law School: Willamette University College of Law

  • Married to Rebecca (wonderful mother, great cook, “Junkyard Dog” litigator); 4-yo daughter (ballerina/fisherwoman-in-training.

  • Enjoys fishing (including degree in Fisheries Management from U of W, Lifetime Member of Alaska Fly Fishers – but, doesn’t get to fish nearly enough L), woodworking, yard/garden (on the verge of Hobby Farming, or at least it feels like it).

  • Enjoys historical non-fiction, particularly on Pacific Northwest and Alaska exploration (those people were TOUGH! – no Gore-Tex, polar fleece, GPS/EPIRBs, etc.).

  • Does trial work all over the state (once had back-to-back ‘not guilty’ verdicts in Ketchikan and Kotzebue in the same month).

  • Favorite holiday is Halloween.

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Name: Leslie Need
Position: New Lawyer Liaison
Board member since: 2012
City: Anchorage, AK
Alaska resident since: 2007
Firm or Agency: U.S. District Court
Law School: University of Tulsa College of Law

  • A transplant from Kansas, I spent my childhood on the prairie.
  • My urban homestead in Anchorage includes an organic garden, greenhouse and 3 hens - Gertie, Thelma and Joss.
  • I enjoy (in a completely non-competitive manner) skijoring with my golden retriever/Australian shepherd mutt and plan to take some skate ski lessons this winter so that I can keep up with him.
  • Favorite Alaskan adventure:  A week at McNeil River State Game Sanctuary and Refuge with my husband.  You truly can enjoy 5 days of bear watching without any boredom.
  • In my spare time (and with my spare change) my husband, Harry, and I are restoring and accessorizing our 1987 VW Syncro Vanagon.  This has allowed us to develop a close relationship with, and deep affection for, our mechanic.

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Name: Nelson Page
Position: Secretary
Board member since: 2012
City: Anchorage, AK
Alaska resident since: 1978
Firm or Agency: Burr Pease & Kurtz
Law School: Georgetown University Law Center

  • I live with a trilingual dog.   She understands commands in english, german and russian.  She has not yet succeeded in teaching me any russian.
  • My current secretary, Wilma French, was my first secretary when I came to work at Burr, Pease and Kurtz in 1979.
  • My first job when I came to Alaska was for Warren Matthews.
  • I once completed the Mayor's Marathon.  No records of any kind were set and, as the scientists would say, the result is not reproducible.
  • My significant other is a mental health therapist who works with juveniles.  She says that the training comes in handy.

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Name: Hanna Sebold
Position: Attorney Member
Board member since: 2008
City: Juneau, AK
Alaska resident since: 2003
Firm or Agency: Attorney General’s Office
Law School: California Western School of Law

5 things you don't know about me…

  1. I hate chicken.

  2. I have a chocolate lab named Buster.

  3. I buy lots of shoes because on the days I feel fat, something cute always fits.

  4. I love photography.

  5. People can identify me, and often times locate me, by my laugh.

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Name: Adam Trombley
Position: Public Member
Board member since: 2012
City: Anchorage, AK
Alaska resident since: 1979
Firm or Agency: Champion Technologies
Education: Lewis-Clark State College

Adam Trombley, a lifelong Alaskan, resides in East Anchorage with his wife Stephanie and daughter Tatum. Adam is a graduate of East High and has his BA from Lewis and Clark State College in Idaho. Currently, Adam works in the Oil and Gas Industry. Prior to his current career, he ran a small construction business with his brother. Prior to being elected to the Anchorage Assembly, Adam served two years on the City’s Budget Advisory Commission, serving as Chair for one year. In his first year in office he was a member of the Budget and Finance Committee and Audit Committee. Currently, Adam is Chair of the Ethics and Elections Committee, a member of the Budget and Finance Committee and the Audit Committee. Adam has also spent time coaching basketball at Lumen Christi and Dimond High Schools. When not working or involved with the Assembly, Adam, Stephanie and Tatum enjoy the Alaskan outdoors fishing, hiking, running, four-wheeling and biking.

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Name: Jeff Wildridge
Position: President-Elect
Board member since: 2012
City: Fairbanks, AK
Alaska resident since: 1978
Firm or Agency: Law Office of Geoffry B. Wildridge LLC
Law School: Vermont Law School

I was one of the few people who actually bought a ticket to Woodstock in 1969. (Wish I could find that ticket now...)

Love American Roots music and the folk music scene in Fairbanks. (Check out the Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival! It's great!)

Not afraid of really COLD weather.

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