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Meet the Board

Sharon Barr
Brent Bennett
Molly Brown
Mari Carpeneti
Blake Chupka
Susan Cox
Darrel Gardner
Bill Gordon
Bill Granger
Cameron Leonard
Hanna Sebold
Rob Stone
Adam Trombley

Name: Sharon Barr
Attorney Member
Board member since: 2016
City: Anchorage
Alaska resident since: 1990
Law School: Northeastern University School of Law
Firm or Agency:
Alaska Public Defender Agency

I originally came to Anchorage for a 3-month internship in February 1989 at the Office of Public Advocacy.  I was having so much fun that I stayed an extra 3 months. I returned in September of 1990 to clerk for Judge Robert Coats on the court of appeals and have been here ever since. I’ve worked at the Office of Public Advocacy and the Public Defender Agency.  I am married and have two sons and a somewhat troublesome dog. I like to hike, run, cross-country ski, read, and will watch virtually any movie that is shown at the Bear Tooth.

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Name: Brent Bennett
Position: President Elect
Board member since: 2017
City: Fairbanks
Alaska resident since: 2006
Law School: University of Cincinnati
Firm or Agency: Office of Public Advocacy

  1. My wife and I grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio.
  2. We have three children.  They keep us very busy with all of their activities:  soccer, hockey, dance, cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, ice skating, violin lessons…
  3. I grew up riding horses.  My grandparents had a horse farm.
  4. I consider myself somewhat of a foodie.  I love to cook.  I love to go out to dinner.
  5. I belong to a rock climbing gym.

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Name: Molly Brown
Position: Attorney Member
Board member since: 2015
City: Anchorage
Alaska residence since: (almost) lifelong Alaskan
Firm or Agency: Dillon & Findley, P.C.
Law School: University of Kansas 

5 things you might not know about me:

  • I attended elementary school in Ketchikan, middle school in Juneau, and high school in Anchorage. 
  • During all of those years, I was an avid competitive swimmer (and in college at Duke University, as well).  I rarely ever swim at all now.
  • I love all things Duke University, where I received my undergraduate degree.  I even chair the volunteer Duke alumni association for Alaska, and interview high school students / prospective Duke students every year.  If you went to Duke (undergrad, business, law, or whatever) and are interested in volunteering, contact me!
  • I like to ride my bike, ski, run, walk, hike, and spend time with my husband, Jason Criqui, and our son Alex. 
  • Watching Alex (who just finished kindergarten) grow up has been the greatest joy in my life.  

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Name: Mari Carpeneti
Position: New Lawyer Liaison
Board member since: 2017
City: Juneau
Alaska resident since: 1982
Law School: University of Washington
Firm or Agency: Attorney General's Office


  • I was born and raised in Juneau.  In the 1990's and 2000's I had the opportunity to live in Italy on several occasions; consequently I am a devoted fan of almost all things Italian (in particular espresso, early Renaissance painting, and their laissez faire attitude towards punctuality). 
  • Before I went to law school I worked as an independent contractor remodeling houses in Juneau, and as an adventure travel guide, leading bike trips in Tuscany, Vermont, and Alaska.  (I'm almost 100% sure leaving these adventures behind for a career in the law was the right call.)
  • I worked as a legislative aide for two legislators representing Bethel and the surrounding villages, and spent my first two years after law school as a prosecutor in Dillingham.  Working on issues affecting rural communities, and living in bush Alaska were the most significant formative experiences of my adult life. 
  • I once crewed on a 55 ft. racing sailboat across the North Atlantic, and was seasick almost the entire way.  I have a 9 foot python, Delphi, whom I acquired when he was three weeks old and the size of a pixie stick.  He has turned numerous skeptics into snake lovers.  
  • My partner, Michael Winfree, also loves animals, and we have a dog and a cat along with the python. 

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Name: Blake Chupka
Position: Attorney Member
Board member since: 2012
City: Ketchikan, AK
Alaska resident since: 2003
Firm or Agency: Chupka Currall LLC
Law School: University of Michigan Law School

5 things you don't know about me…

  • I moved to Alaska mainly because I enjoy fishing  
  • I joined my family in buying a cabin in Minnesota a few years ago to spend less time working and more time fishing
  • I’m recently happily married
  • I’m unofficially on a quest to visit every major league baseball ballpark
  • My favorite movie is McCabe & Mrs. Miller

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Name: Susan Cox
Position: Attorney member
Board member since: 2014
City: Juneau, AK
Law School:
UC Davis School of Law
Firm or Agency:
Attorney General's Office

  • Most people are surprised to learn I'm Canadian. My family emigrated to the U.S. when I was almost 6. I became a naturalized American citizen when I was in college.
  • I love to travel. My first adventure outside North America was to Turkey as an exchange student for a summer when I was 18. My most recent trip abroad was to Turkey a year ago with my family. 
  • Like so many others, I initially came to Alaska for just a year. I clerked for then-Superior Court Judge Bud Carpeneti after law school; after the clerkship I went back to California for a job, but returned 9 months later, for good. 
  • I like to garden and have fairly good luck growing tomatoes year-round in my office. I also enjoy almost all kinds of music, singing, cooking, entertaining, boating, and spending time at our cabin in Tenakee Springs. 
  • I'm the worst skier in my family. My husband Tom Nave and our children Julia and Peter have all been ski racers and are excellent skiers. Now Julia competes in extreme/free ride events and Peter is a professional ski guide, in Japan and Haines, Alaska.

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Name: Darrel Gardner
Position: President
Board member since: 2014
City: Anchorage, AK
Alaska resident since: Lifelong Alaskan
Firm or Agency: Federal Defender Agency
Law School: University of California, Hastings College of the Law

  • My aunt and uncle, Minnie and Frank Swanda, were part of the original Palmer Colonization Project in 1935. The present day Mat-Su Borough Administration Building is named after my cousin Dorothy. Minnie’s youngest brother, my father, followed his sister to Alaska in 1949.  
  • I went to Airport Heights Elementary, Wendler, and East. To this day I live in the (highly remodeled) house that I grew up in. Three of the neighbor kids from my youth still live within a block. When I see one of them, Richard, out walking his dog, I have to fight the urge not to call him by his childhood nickname, “Dickey.”
  • My wife is originally from Houston Texas; her uncle was the famous oil well firefighter Red Adair, who was loosely portrayed by John Wayne in the 1968 movie “Hellfighters.”  Her uncle did not actually look like John Wayne. Not even close.
  • I like German Shepherd Dogs, hoppy pilsners, and BMW motorcycles. Coincidentally, I am part German.
  • In law school I wanted to be a trial lawyer. I didn’t know that a “civil litigator” wasn’t the same thing until I started working for a business law firm once I got my JD.  Ten years later and almost ready to quit the law, I took a two-week job filling in at the Office of Public Advocacy’s criminal section. A few months later the section supervisor asked me back to second chair a first-degree murder case. That was my first criminal trial.  I have been a criminal defense lawyer ever since. In those 20-plus years, I have never had a misdemeanor go to trial.

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Name: Bill Gordon
Position: Public Member
Board member since: 2012
City: Salcha, AK
Alaska resident since: Lifelong Alaskan
Firm or Agency: Retired
Education: University of North Carolina

  • Lived first three years as a toddler in Pt. Hope, AK.

  • Lived in Anchorage 4 years serving as a teacher at Chugiak High.

  • Lived in Juneau 4 years working as an aide to Governor Jay Hammond.

  • Lived in Fairbanks where I have owned several businesses, most recently investor-owned public utilities.

  • Currently reside on Harding Lake in Salcha, AK.

  • Graduated from University of North Carolina and remain an avid UNC basketball fan (Duke Law School graduates who applied for judgeships during my term on the Alaska Judicial Council will remember tough examinations!).

  • Married to Bonnie. We have three children.

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Name: Bill Granger
Position: Treasurer (Public Member)
Board member: 2001-2009 / 2011-Present
City: Anchorage, AK
Alaska resident since: 1964
Firm or Agency: Wells Fargo
Education: Gonzaga University (Undergraduate), University of Washington (Graduate Pacific Coast Banking School), Notre Dame University (Graduate Catholic Charity Management, Mendoza College of Business)

  • I have been a pilot most of my life, flying a J-3 while attending Romig junior high school, and today owning a Cessna 185 and a Super Cub. Hunting/fishing and spending time at my cabin consumes most of my non-working time. My wife and I love to travel. Last year we visited Egypt, Israel, and Turkey.

  • I have always had a fascination with the law. In high school while working at Matanuska Valley Bank I would spend my spare time in the law library, studying cases and writing briefs, finding this to be fun and very interesting, but I was the only guy who wore a white shirt and tie to school every day also. Maybe by today’s standards I would be considered a nerd. The middle of my junior year at Dimond High School I was accepted into Gonzaga University. After attending Gonzaga I returned to Alaska and my work in banking. If my love of banking had not been stronger I surely would have attended law school.

  • Married 31 years (Diane Otto), three children; Suzie, Andrew, and Christopher.
  • Employed by Wells Fargo Bank N.A. Senior Vice President. Every bank I have worked for has been acquired by Wells Fargo. 40 years banking in Alaska. Currently supervise the Credit Management Groups in Alaska, Washington and Oregon.

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Name: Cameron Leonard
Position: Attorney Member
Member since: 2017
City: Fairbanks
Alaska Residence since: 1983
Law School: Boalt Hall, UC Berkeley
Firm: Perkins Coie LLP 

I have been in Fairbanks since 1983 when I moved north to clerk for the late Hon. Jay Rabinowitz.  Then worked briefly at the Public Defender’s Office before jumping to the civil side, and working as an Assistant Attorney General for some 25 years. Have been senior counsel at Perkin Coie for over four years now, and my practice is exclusively in the environmental and natural resources field.  I have two grown children, one of whom is in law school in Madison, and the other finding her way in Anchorage.  For fun I go canoeing and kayaking, garden, play guitar, and try to escape from the long interior winters by going anywhere sunny whenever I can get away with it.

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Name: Hanna Sebold
Position: Vice President
Board member since: 2008- 2014; 2016 to present
City: Juneau
Alaska resident since: 2003
Law School: California Western School of Law
Firm or Agency: Attorney General's Office

  • I was born and raised just north of San Diego
  • I race thoroughbred horses and go home every summer for a few weeks of racing season at Del Mar
  • This is my third term on the board
  • I have a yellow lab named Oliver
  • Current obsession: soundtrack from Hamilton; currently blaring from my car.

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Name:  Rob Stone
Position: Board Member
Board member since: 1997-99, 2016 to present
City: Anchorage
Alaska resident since: 1970
Undergraduate: University of Oregon
Law School: Gonzaga University School of Law
Firm: Law Office of Robert Stone, LLC

  • I was raised in Anchorage, graduating from Dimond High School.
  • I was raised flying, hunting, and fishing, and so it was no surprise that I took ground school for flying while at Dimond High.
  • I was a 4-year varsity wrestler for the University of Oregon (Go Ducks!)
  • I was the host of Alaska Outdoors Television, airing on the Outdoor Channel, for 8 years.
  • I have two children, Matthew and Olivia.

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Name: Adam Trombley
Position: Public Member
Board member since: 2012
City: Anchorage, AK
Alaska resident since: 1979
Firm or Agency: Champion Technologies
Education: Lewis-Clark State College

Adam Trombley, a lifelong Alaskan, resides in East Anchorage with his wife Stephanie and daughter Tatum. Adam is a graduate of East High and has his BA from Lewis and Clark State College in Idaho. Currently, Adam works in the Oil and Gas Industry. Prior to his current career, he ran a small construction business with his brother. Prior to being elected to the Anchorage Assembly, Adam served two years on the City’s Budget Advisory Commission, serving as Chair for one year. In his first year in office he was a member of the Budget and Finance Committee and Audit Committee. Currently, Adam is Chair of the Ethics and Elections Committee, a member of the Budget and Finance Committee and the Audit Committee. Adam has also spent time coaching basketball at Lumen Christi and Dimond High Schools. When not working or involved with the Assembly, Adam, Stephanie and Tatum enjoy the Alaskan outdoors fishing, hiking, running, four-wheeling and biking.

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