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July 2009 Alaska Bar Exam Results

Total number of applicants who took the exam:  63
Number of successful applicant: 40
Overall pass rate:  63%

Number of 1st time takers:  44
Number of 1st time takers passing:  35
1st time takers pass rate:  80%


Here is the list of passing applicants from the July 2009 Alaska Bar Exam.



Applicant Name:


Ahrens                  Rachel L.
Anderson              David Lee
Andre                    Heidi M.
Bannan                 Lindsey S.
Barson                  Laura
Blakely                  Laurence
Boots                     Kevin M.
Coons                    Daniel C.
Davis                     Jeffrey F.
Ellis                       Bridgette N.
Fallon                    Martin C.
Gillstrom               Sarah C.
Greider                  Megyn A.
Gruenstein           Jenna L.
Hansen                 Steven S.
Hensley                 Elizabeth
Hildebrandt          Loren P.
Hobstetter             David R.
Holmquist             Max D.
Kinegak-Friday     Kirsten M.
Lampton                Michelle J.
Lewis                     Courtney R.
Maass                    Emily M.
MacManus            Alison F.
McCoy                   Emily A.
Michalski              Matthew A.
Poulson                 Daniel F.
Rudofsky               Lee P.
Sherman               Christina M.
Shine, Jr.              James M.
Shortell                 Owen D.
Soldwedel             Arne F.
Staft                       Gretchen L.
Stauffer                 Geoffery A.
Stern                     Henry I.
Swayne                  Nikki C.
Tallerico                Matthew A.
Vasquez                Jessy J.
Wakeland              Jon S.
Williams                Austin E.

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