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July 2001 Bar Exam Results

Number of Applicants: 57
Pass Rate: 63%
Number of First Time Takers: 49
Pass Rate of First Time Takers: 71%

Applicants graduated from 40 different law schools.


The following individuals passed the July 2001 Bar Exam:

Marjorie Allard
Jeffrey Barber
Teresa Berwick
Louis Breuer
Benjamin Brown
Erin Egan
Justin Eschbacher
Ethan Falatko
Heather Gardner
Raymond Goad
Michael Graper
Lisa Hamby
Merrilee Harrell
Benjamin Hofmeister
Lindsey Holmes
Ceci Humphreys
Daniel Kent
Brian Litmans
Andrew Mack
Jerald Marcey
Deirdre McDonnell
Renee McFarland
Dana Merriman
Patricia Nieves
Natasha Norris
Rebecca Patterson
Roxanne Rohweder
Jack Schmidt
Ra Shipps
Rebecca Skinner
Andrea Steward
Thomas Temple
Christina Terenzi
Heather Timmerman
Jeffrey Vance
Christine Williams


If you wish to participate in the swearing-in ceremony on November 2nd, your completed Request for Admission paperwork must be returned to the Bar office no later than 10:00 a.m. on November 1, 2001.

Questions? Please contact the Bar office at 907-272-7469.

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