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IOLTA grant applications due by April 2, 2001

The Alaska Bar Foundation IOLTA program funds have been designated to be used for the following purposes: Support of legal services to the economically disadvantaged and programs to improve the administration of justice.

The Foundation is soliciting proposals for fiscal year 2002 (July 1, 2001 to June 30, 2002) to supplement legal services programs for the economically disadvantaged and programs to enhance the administration of justice. The Foundation asks lawyers who are involved with organizations which meet the Foundation's grant guidelines set forth below to encourage those organizations to submit a grant application. As previously reported in the Bar Rag, the IOLTA grants for fiscal year 2001 totaled $367,000.

The Foundation will consider making grants to organizations under the following grant guidelines. The Foundation will not make grants to: individual persons; religious organizations; political campaigns; organizations that are designed primarily for lobbying; organizations for the sole purpose of funding litigation; governmental entities; endowment scholarship or fellowship programs; continuing legal education programs for lawyers; lawyers in the private practice of law; law enforcement or correctional organizations; or law schools.

The following grant guidelines will be utilized by the Foundation:

  1. The Foundation does not intend to use its limited IOLTA resources to replace existing funding.
  2. A primary function of an agency seeking a grant must be consistent with the guidelines of the Foundation for IOLTA program monies.
  3. Grant requests must be consistent with the tax exempt public purposes prescribed by the Foundation and with applicable Internal Revenue Code regulations and rulings relative to Section 501(c)(3) organizations.
  4. Generally, the Foundation will not be the primary source of financial support for a sustained period of time for programs to improve the administration of justice. The applicant should demonstrate an ability to function eventually without the assistance of the Foundation.
  5. The Foundation may require matching funds as a condition of the grant in order to broaden the base of community support.
  6. The majority of the available grant funds will be awarded in June of each year. Each grant recipient shall be entitled to only one (1) grant in each granting year unless the grantee can show special circumstances necessitating a second grant.
  7. The grant funding cycle will normally be a 12-month period. Recipients must reapply each year if additional funding is desired.
  8. The Foundation will use a significant portion of available funding for programs delivering legal services to the economically disadvantaged and will give highest funding priority to those programs.
  9. Significant weight will be given to a history or a clear ability of an applicant to provide a successful program.
  10. Consideration will be given to the proportion of clients to be served within a geographic area and the breadth of services proposed to be offered.
  11. The Foundation will rely on the written demonstration submitted by the applicant, thus the applicant must present the Foundation with complete, thorough and accurate information.

Grant applications for the July 2001 through June 2002 funding cycle must be received by the Alaska Bar Foundation, 510 L Street, Suite 602, (P. O. Box 100279), Anchorage, Alaska 99510 no later than 5:00 p.m., April 2, 2001. Upon submission all proposals become the property of the Alaska Bar Foundation which has the right to use any or all ideas presented in any proposal submitted, whether or not the proposal is accepted.

For grant applications or further information, contact Kenneth P. Eggers, president, Alaska Bar Foundation, (907) 562-6474.

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