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How to Join a Substantive Law Section

Section membership is open to all active, inactive and retired members in good standing with the Alaska Bar Association. Section membership is also open to any member of the public as associate members.  There is no automatic section enrollment or renewal of section members. Section membership runs from January 1st - December 31st. The first section is free for Alaska Bar members, and each additional section is $15 each.  Sections are $15 each for associate members. 

Section membership provides professional growth and development through:

  • information exchange among members with similar legal interest,
  • CLE programs,
  • the Section News newsletter,
  • review of legislative and court actions,
  • forum to respond to community and professional needs.

Each section is administered by an executive committee with responsibilities to 1) publish annual professional updates; 2) to present one CLE seminar a minimum of every two years; and 3) to preside at the annual section meeting and elect new executive committee members.  Associate members are non-voting members and may not serve on the exeuctive committee of the section. 

If you are ALREADY a member of the Alaska Bar Association -- click here.
(This includes active, inactive and retired members in good standing.)

If you are NOT a member of the Alaska Bar Association -- click here.

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Updated 8/3/2017

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