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How Do I Add Items to My Section Web Page?

Shelley Block, Section Coordinator is your contact.


The section chair, or another chair-approved section member, will e-mail the files that they want to add to the page to Shelley Block. If there is no e-copy available, contact Shelley directly for instructions.

If the documents are from another source, include copyright permission or, if it’s from a website link, provide Shelley with the link information.

After reviewing the materials for content, they will be uploaded to the web page and e-mailed to section members.

Items for section meetings should be forwarded to Shelley no later than 1 day before the meeting. Depending upon time constraints, any items sent after that deadline may not get uploaded until after the section meeting takes place.

How Do I Move, Change or Delete Items?
Contact Shelley and identify the items that need updating or changing.

We will send a confirmation e-mail when the information is updated.


Revised 8/12/2014

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