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February 2013 Alaska Bar Exam Results


Total number of applicants:  65
Number passing:  42
Overall pass rate:  65%

Number of 1st time takers:  42
Number of 1st time takers passing:  33
1st time takers pass rate:  79%

Below is the list of passing applicants from the February 2013 Alaska Bar Exam.

Barnes, Judith
Baxter, Lee C.
Behar, Justin A.
Bergt, Kevin C.
Bird, Teryn
Bockmann, Rebecca L.
Cacciola, Charles A.
Caudill, Erica J.
Cesar, Kendri M. M.
Chessik, David A.
Cometa, Anna E.
DiNardo, Rachel M.
Dulic, Laura C.
Eshbaugh, Rebecca L.
Ferree, Laura C.
Gaines, James L.
Gardner, Eva R.
Hardy, Brettny E.
Hogan, Karen L.
Huxtable, Allison R.
Kropp, Amy E.
Kupris, Elisia J. G.
Lipson, Rebecca E.
Lynch, Robert
Matter, Laura
Melton, Sarah E.
Mishler, Christopher S.
Monsma, Lawrence B.
Newman, Matthew N.
Olson, Jacquelyn A.
Pace, Andalyn
Pace, Daniel I.
Petticrew, Sherri
Richards, Rachel R. A.
Sherman, John J.
Sherman, Rebecca A.
Slodowy, Matthew
Sonneborn, Susan Greenlee
Traini, Joshua A.
Tryck, Jennafer
Wilson, Sandra K.
Withen, Khalial Leigh


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