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February 2003 Exam Results:

Total Number of Successful Applicants: 27
Total Number of Applicants: 53
Overall Pass Rate: 51%
Number of First Time Takers: 31
First Time Takers Pass Rate: 81%
Applicants graduated from 40 different law schools.
Successful Applicants for the February 2003 Bar Exam

Allen, Dan
Allen, Kimberly
Chaobal, Vikram
Cooper, Matthew
Domke, Jenel
Doogan, Amy
Dougherty, Christopher
Duffy, Brian
Freeman, Joshua
Gould, Laura
Hafner, Janell
Lee, Susan
Lueras, Shawn
MacKinnon, Laurie
Maio, Amy
Manzella, Zachary
Mollitor, Christian
Moore, Christine
Mrstik, Joseph
Newman, David
Rankin, Christine
Ringsmuth, Eric
Schmidt, Lynn
Stein, June
Teaford, Matthew
Walsh, Michael
Weiss, Pamela

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