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Elections for Alaska Bar Association
Board of Governors 2nd/4th Judicial Districts - 2 seats

Deadline: March 31, 2017

Candidate Statements (4)


Board of Governors

1st District

Susan Cox (unopposed)

3rd District

Darrel Gardner (unopposed)

2nd & 4th District*

Mark Andrews
Brent Bennett (elected for 3 year term)
Danielle Gardner
Cameron Leonard (elected for 1 year term)


ALSC Board of Directors

1st District

regular:  vacant
alternate:  Joseph Nelson (unopposed)

3rd District

regular: Karen Lambert (unopposed)
alternate: Liz Leduc (unopposed)

4th District

regular: vacant
alternate: vacant

ABA Delegate

Lynn Allingham (unopposed)


*David Wilkinson was appointed to fill the vacancy created by Justice Carney’s resignation from the Board.  The appointment is filled until the next annual election.  There is one year remaining in this term.  Bob Groseclose was appointed to fill the vacancy created by Gene Gustafson’s resignation from the Board.  This seat starts a new three year term in May.  Members will vote for two candidates.  The candidate receiving the highest number of votes will fill the three year term, and the second candidate will fill the one year term.

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