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Elections & Advisory Polls

Voting Deadline: April 11, 2014

The candidates are:

Board of Governors

1st District
Benjamin E. Brown
Susan D. Cox 

3rd District
Darrel J. Gardner
Beth Goldstein
John E. Havelock

2nd & 4th
Gene L. Gustafson
Jim J. Valcarce


Download candidate statements
(alphabetical by district) 

All ALSC candidates are unopposed.

ALSC Board of Directors

1st District
regular: Myra Munson
alternate: Joseph Nelson

4th District
regular: Cameron Leonard
alternate: Daniel Winkelman

regular: Karen Lambert
alternate: Elizabeth H. Leduc


Download candidate statements

ABA Delegate

Lynn Allingham (unopposed)








Online elections! Bar members who have an email address listed with the Bar will receive an online ballot for voting.  Other members will receive a paper ballot.

Questions?  Contact the Bar office at 907-272-7469 or

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