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Court creates subcommittee to reduce appellate delays

The Alaska Supreme Court has created a new subcommittee of the Appellate Rules Committee to consider how to reduce appellate delay. This working group of prominent lawyers will concentrate on reducing the time between entry of the trial court judgment and submission of the case to the appellate court following argument or conference. Justice Robert L. Eastaugh will chair the group.

The court said it recognizes that appellate delay is detrimental to litigants and the public and to faith in judicial resolution of disputes. Consequently, the court in recent years has taken a number of steps to reduce appellate delay. The court first concentrated on accelerating publication of decisions in expedited cases. In the past year it has adopted appellate time standards and altered its internal procedures with the intention of significantly reducing the time between the date when the court first confers on a case and the date it publishes its opinion. The court has also adopted procedures to accelerate the handling of cases by the court's case managers.

The appellate delay reduction working group will consist of experienced and skilled members of the bar who can suggest ways to resolve appeals faster without diminishing the quality of decisions. Members include Justice Alexander O. Bryner, Court of Appeals Judge David Stewart, Clerk of Appellate Courts Marilyn May, Diane Alford, Mark Ashburn, Ruth Botstein, Dan Callahan, Bill Cotton, Chancy Croft, Pam Finley, Joanne Grace, Eric Johnson, Peter Maassen, Barb Malchik, Margi Mock, William Morse, Susan Orlansky, Mark Regan, Mark Sandberg, Douglas Serdahely, Brian Shortell, John Tiemessen, Diane Wendlandt, and Robert Wagstaff.

If you have any comments or suggestions regarding reduction of appellate delay, please contact a committee member or Court Rules Attorney Barbara Hood, who will serve as committee staff. Ms. Hood's address is: 820 West 4th Avenue, Anchorage, AK 99501-2005; e-mail address:; phone: (907) 264-8230.

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