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(a) Affidavit of Resignation. A member may resign from membership in the Association. A resignation is subject to acceptance by the Board, must be in affidavit form, and, as of the date of the affidavit, affirmatively must state that:

  1. the member does not now, and will not in the future, engage in the practice of law in Alaska;
  2. the member has no cases pending before the courts of this State;
  3. the member's clients have been given proper notice of his or her intent to resign and that they have had sufficient opportunity to find substitute counsel without prejudice to their cases;
  4. the member has no discipline, fee arbitration, or client security fund matters pending;
  5. the member is current on all membership fee payments, applicable insurance premiums, and other financial commitments to the Bar; and
  6. the member understands that his or her resignation is permanent and irrevocable and, should he or she at any time in the future desire to return to the practice of law in Alaska, that he or she would have to make application as a new admittee, subject to the provisions of Part I of the Alaska Bar Rules, including, if applicable, the requirement that he or she take and pass the Alaska Bar Examination.

(b) Jurisdiction Retained. The Association shall retain jurisdiction to investigate and take action with respect to matters involving the conduct of a member during the time he or she was a member of the Alaska Bar.

(c) Board Action. Upon receipt of an affidavit of resignation, and if no information is received which bears unfavorably upon the member, the Board shall formally accept the resignation at its next regularly scheduled meeting. Resignations received 20 days prior to a Board meeting will be placed on the agenda of the next subsequent regularly scheduled meeting.

(d) Notice to the Courts. Upon formal acceptance of a member's resignation, the Board shall notify the Alaska Supreme Court and the clerks of court that the member has resigned from the Association and state the effective date.

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