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Bookmark these family law websites

By Steve Pradell

Lawyers who practice in Alaska should be aware of the following important resources that are available at their fingertips on the Internet.

First, the Alaska Legal Resource Center, operated by Anchorage attorney Jim Gottstein, is a free internet service located at The website contains Alaska Case law, including Alaska Supreme Court Opinions, Statutes, Rules, Regulations and other information beneficial to the civil and criminal law attorney. Cases are grouped both by subject matter and year of publication, and there is a word search option. This is a great tool for immediate access to Alaska law and the price is right!

Another website that I've bookmarked on the Internet is the Alaska Child Support Enforcement Division's Child Support Guidelines calculator, located at This website acts as a tool for calculating child support pursuant to Alaska Civil Rule 90.3. Just plug in income information and the website will automatically perform the calculations for you, and you can print out the results.

A third website that is useful to family law lawyers solves a problem frequently encountered by those who help clients with child support matters. Finding the direct extensions and emails of personnel who work at the Child Support Enforcement Division has historically been difficult and the 800 Kids Line is almost impossible to negotiate. The following Internet website gives you direct access to the individual handling your client's case:

Finally, another free service for Alaska lawyers is the weekly Alaska Appellate court slip and memorandum opinion notification service. Keep current on Appellate opinions by getting a free subscription to this service, which will automatically provide you with up-to-date information. You can subscribe to this service by logging onto: As stated on the above cited page, AK-slip-opinions is the Alaska appellate courts' slip opinion notification service. Each week subscribers will receive a message providing a list of the opinions and MOJs issued by the Supreme Court and court of appeals that week. The messages will include the case type and a link to the PDF version of the document posted on the court's website.

The internet offers resources which simplify the practice of law, shorten the time to obtain information, and reduce the overhead of lawyers who can't afford to keep a private library of law books up to date. If you are still practicing in the 'dark ages,' dictating your pleadings and lacking a computer on your desktop, it is time to make some changes!
Check out the above websites and bookmark those which streamline your practice. It is impressive to a client when you can cite a case and immediately access it on your computer screen during your office consultation. By saving time that could have been spent all day in the law library looking for that one case, you'll save your clients money too. Best of all, accessing the above sites won't cost you a penny.

©2002 by Steven Pradell. Steve's book, The Alaska Family Law Handbook, is available for family law attorneys to assist their clients in understanding domestic law issues. Orders can be placed through Todd Communications.

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