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Interested in submitting an article to the Bar Rag?

We welcome submissions on legal and non-legal subjects, along with photos, cartoons, poems, or other literary or artistic works.  Your submission should be your original work.  If previously published elsewhere, the author should have permission or rights to republish in the Bar Rag.

Editorial copy deadlines:  February 10, May 10, August 10 and November 10.

Submission deadlines may be relaxed on advance notice from authors requesting an extension, but submissions within the deadlines offer the best opportunity for publication.  Late submissions with or without an extension cannot be assured publication.

Submissions:  Submissions should be no longer than five (5) double-spaced pages conventionally formatted with one inch margins.  The Editors will accept longer submissions in their discretion if an article has particular merit or interest. All submissions are subject to editing for tone, content, grammar, and length.

Submissions are not returned.  The Editors cannot guarantee that submissions will be published. In deciding which submissions to publish, the Editors exercise their discretion and evaluate each submission’s interest to the Alaska Bench and Bar, timeliness, tone, content, merit, originality, and the submission’s overall fit within the particular issue and time of year.

The Editor-in-Chief is responsible for final decisions and authors with questions may contact the Editor-in-Chief at or

Submission Notes:

  • Author information: Make certain the author’s byline or identity is on the top or bottom of the manuscript.

  • E-mail and .txt: Use variable-width text with NO carriage returns (except between paragraphs).

  • Format: Electronic files should be in text, Word, or Word Perfect format.

  • Photos: B&W and color photos encouraged. Faxed photos are unacceptable. Digital photos are welcome. If on disk, save photo in .tif or .jpg format.

  • Digital Photos: If digital photos are submitted via e-mail, please reduce to 70 percent of size if possible and provide at medium-resolution or better. Be sure to include clear caption and photo credit information! (Low-resolution .jpg format photos do not reproduce well in print.)

  • Style Notes: PLEASE don’t use (aka turn OFF) the linked-footnote feature in your word processor. Denote footnotes with parentheses in the manuscript, and place all footnotes at the end of the manuscript, rather than at the bottom of each page.

A Special Note on File Nomenclature
(i.e. filenames): Use descriptive filenames, such as "author_name.doc." Generic file names such as "Bar Rag September" or "Bar Rag article" or "Bar article 09-03-01" are non-topic or -author descriptive and are likely to get lost or confused among the many submissions the Bar Rag receives. Use, instead, filenames such as "Smith letter" or "Smith column" or "immigration_law".

Another comment on filenames: Have you noticed that if you simply "save" a new document without assigning it a "save as" filename, the filename will default to the gazillion-character entire first phrase of your manuscript? Not good for publishers. Use "save as" with a short name as suggested above.

Submission Information:
By e-mail:
By mail: Bar Rag Editor, c/o Alaska Bar Association, PO Box 100279 Anchorage, AK 99510-0279

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