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Application Update List

The following information should be disclosed due to a change in circumstance(s) or to update the information provided in your original application for admission: 

  1. Employment History:  This includes all employment from the last employment listed on the initial application through the date of current reapplication.  For each updated employment, you must provide the name and complete business address, occupation position, dates of employment, and supervisor.  A Character & Fitness Form must be completed for each employment, along with one Authorization & Release Form.

  2. Application to Other Jurisdictions:  For each application submitted or examination taken by you for admission to any bar or court please state:  date of application, name and address of examining authority, if you sat for the exam, passed the exam, exam permit denied, withdrew application. 

  3. Admission to Other Jurisdictions:  For each state jurisdiction, or the District of Columbia, to which you have been admitted to the practice of law, please state:  jurisdiction/court, date of admission, active/inactive status, bar member #. 

  4. Denial of Admission:  For each state jurisdiction you have been denied admission please state the jurisdiction and explain. 

  5. Military Service:  If you have been or currently are a member of the armed services, please state:  your branch, service number, rank, and dates of active surrounding your release and the address where your records can be obtained (see back of Standard Form 180). 

  6. Attorney Discipline:  If you have had any disciplinary complaint, grievance, or fee arbitration request lodged against you by or with any jurisdiction or court, please explain the nature of the allegati9on and final disposition, if any to date.  Provide name and address of disciplinary authority. 

  7. Criminal Offenses:  If you have been charged with or convicted of, or pled guilty or no contest to a felony charge or misdemeanor charge, please explain and provide the date of offense(s), case number(s), and appropriate address where record(s) can be located.

  8. Civil Litigation:  If you have been a party in a civil litigation, please explain and attach appropriate documentation.

(Updated 10/3/2013)

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