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Annual Historians Luncheons

 (Updated 11/2/2015)

Listen to the audio recordings of the Annual Historians Luncheons.


  • The Lost Alaskans: Morningside Hospital & Mental Health in Territorial Alaska

  • The Bar Rag: 36 Years of Not Taking Ourselves Too Seriously (2014)

  • The Legacy of Gideon: 50 Years in the 49th State (2013)

Coming soon!

  • Grace Under Fire: When Judges Face Public Pressure (2012)
  • Ted Stevens' Practice in Alaska (2011)
  • Reflections on the Early Years of the Anchorage Association of Women Lawyers (2010)
  • Alaska Legal History Series (2009) 
  1. Voices that Carried: The Framing of Alaska's Three Branches
  2. A Judiciary for Alaska
  3. Early Pioneering Judges of Juneau
  • Rough Justice: The Courtroom Battles, Political Wars and Secret World of James Wickersham, the First Judge on the Yukon (2008)
  • History of the Right of Privacy in Alaska (2007)
  • [No Historians Luncheon in 2006]
  • A Judiciary for Alaska: Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Alaska's Constitutional Convention (2005)
  • Creation of the Bar Association (2004)
  • Creation of State Courts on the Last Frontier (2003)
  • Constitutional Convention (2002)
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