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Alaska Statute 08.08.210(d)
(commonly called the 10 month rule)

Click here to see Alaska Statute 08.08.210(d).

Employees of the Department of Law, the Public Defender Agency, and the Office of Public Advocacy, whose activities would constitute the practice of law under this chapter and under Alaska Bar Rules are required to obtain a license to practice law in Alaska no later than 10 months following the commencement of their employment.

The following documents must be submitted:

1.  Written request to practice under A.S. 08.08.201(d), including the start of employment date;

2.  Letter from applicant stating that:

  • he/she has never failed the Alaska bar exam; and

  • that he/she has never failed the bar exam administered by any U.S. state or D.C., or that despite failure, he/she has subsequently passed a bar exam administered by any U.S. state or D.C;

3.  Certificate of graduation from an accredited law school (if applicant has applied for admission, we will accept a certificate already on file with the bar);


The authority to practice terminates in 10 months or upon failure to pass any bar exam administered by any U.S. state or D.C.

(Updated 9/16/2013)

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