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Alaska Bar Association Bylaws excerpt


Adopted by the Board of Governors May 15, 1974
As amended through April, 2004


Committees and Sections (excerpts)Sec. 3. SUBSTANTIVE LAW SECTIONS. The Board shall establish substantive law sections in areas pertinent to the practice of law and shall define the powers, duties, functions and scope of each section in its Standing Policies.
(a) Membership and fees requirements are as follows:

(1) Attorney Membership and Fees. Attorney membership in each section is open to all active members of the Alaska Bar Association in good standing. $5.00 of a member’s annual membership fee will be allocated to the budget of the first section joined by that member. A member may join additional sections at a registration fee to the member of $15.00 per additional section joined per year.
(2) Informational Membership and Fees. Non-voting section membership is available at the discretion of each section to any person who is not a member of the Association, but who subscribes to the informational and educational objectives of the section. Informational section members may not serve on the executive committee of any section. There is an annual $15.00 membership fee assessed for each section joined by an Informational Member.

(b) Section Executive Committees. Each section shall be administered by an executive committee of at least five members elected from the section’s attorney membership to serve staggered three year terms. The executive committee shall annually elect, by September 30, a chair(s), and may elect such other officers as it deems advisable from the membership of the executive committee. Each executive committee shall meet at such times and places as may be designated by the chair of the section. All executive committees shall file with the Board such reports as from time to time shall be requested by the President or the Board. A written annual report shall be delivered to the Board at least thirty (30) days before the annual business meeting.

(c) Annual Section Meeting. Each section’s executive committee will schedule an annual meeting of the section membership to hear the annual report of its executive committee and discuss issues and developments pertinent to the section’s area of law. The annual meeting will be held at a time and location determined by the executive committee.

(d) Continuing Legal Education Commitment. At least as frequently as is required by the Bar’s Continuing Legal Education Committee, each substantive law section in conjunction with the Bar shall be responsible for sponsoring a continuing legal education seminar.

(e) Annual Section Chair/Board Meeting. At each annual convention of the Association, the chairs of each section, or their designees, shall meet with the President-Elect or the Board to discuss section activities and evaluate section needs.

(f) Section Actions Endorsed. No action, report, or recommendation of any section is binding upon the Association unless adopted and approved by the Board.

Adopted by the Board of Governors May 15, 1974
As amended through April, 2004.   


Lobbying and Publicity
Section 1. LOBBYING. No member of the Association may lobby or otherwise attempt to influence legislative or administrative action in the name of the Association, except with the consent of the Board of Governors.

Sec. 2. PUBLICITY. Public statements or press releases purporting to set forth the Association’s position on pending or proposed legislation, on issues of public importance, or on Association matters in general shall be made only by the President or his or her designee.

Sec. 3. PURPOSE. No expenditure relating to political or ideological activities may be made by the Association unless reasonably incurred for the purpose of regulating the legal profession or improving the quality of legal services available to the people of the state. The Association may not publicly advocate nor allow its name to be used for the advancement of any cause unless such action directly relates to the authorized purposes stated in this section.

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