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e Board of Governors’s meeting on October 24 & 25, 2002, the Board took the following action:

Approved the results of the July 2003 bar exam (31 of 60 applicants passed for a pass rate of 52%; of the 42 1st time takers, 23 passed for a pass rate of 55%); and approved 2 reciprocity applicants.

Heard a status report on the pilot program to allow Anchorage applicants to use laptop computers for the February 2003 bar exam; directed staff to put the information about this on the website.

Heard a character report by a Board subcommittee on a reciprocity applicant and certified him for admission.

Approved the 2003 budget as amended; amended the amount of the working capital reserve to make it equal to 4 months of expenses; and voted to give a $10,000 donation in 2003 to the Alaska Bar Foundation.

Voted to recommend to the supreme court that Rule 65 (VCLE) be amended to eliminate the requirement for a dues discount and to instead say that incentives will be determined by the board. The dues discount for 2003 is set at zero. The incentive for 2003 will be a certificate for a free Alaska Bar CLE program. The staff will send an explanation along with the dues notice, and publish the information in the November Bar Rag and on the website.

Heard the results of a Pro Bono Service Committee meeting at which a resolution was adopted asking the Board to create a new staff position of Pro Bono Recruitment Coordinator. Following extensive discussion, the Board took no action.

Approved payment to Trustee Counsel Mary Guss for working on wrapping up the practice of Clifford Smith.

Approved the purchase of an LCD projector.

Approved telephonic quarterly meetings of the CLE Committee.

Voted to send amendments to Bar Rules 4(5) and 5 to the supreme court which would eliminate the MBE review by failing applicants due to the NCBE’s new policy, and to state the passing scaled score of 80 for the MPRE.

Tabled Bar Rule 22 regarding grievance intake procedures until the January meeting.

The vote to allow attorneys who do exclusively pro bono legal work to pay no bar dues failed; asked to put the issue of the amount of hours required for a pro bono dues reduction on the January agenda.

Voted to publish an amendment to the bylaws which would eliminate run-off elections for the Board of Governors.

Amended the Standing Policies to eliminate the provision regarding the distribution of ethics opinions since they’re now on the website.

Approved payment of one Lawyers' Fund for Client Protection claim, and asked for further investigation in another claim.

Approved the appointment of Adam Gurewitz to the regular position on the ALSC Board and the appointment of Beth Spalding to the alternate position.

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