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Board of Governors Action Items
January 23 & 24, 2003

Directed Bob Hagen to negotiate Domestic Partners coverage with Blue Cross.

Approved two reciprocity applicants.

Approved a request for special accommodations for the February bar exam.

Amended the Standing Policies to state that a special accommodations applicant may be required to submit an up to date medical certification.

Approved a Rule 43 (ALSC) waiver for Melissa Cordner.

Declined to fund the APBP Executive Committee's monthly conference calls.

Approved the minutes from the October Board meeting and the Nov. 6 conference call.

Approved the Court's request to co-sponsor Law Day.

Award subcommittee to consist of Bodwell, Winfree & Weiner.

Declined a request to contribute to a brunch for the Russian delegation since it is a private function not open to Bar members.

Voted to recommend disbarment for Blackburn.

Took the Wiederholt matter under advisement and will issue a written decision.

Approved payment of $800 in a Lawyers' Fund for Client Protection matter.

Voted to amend the bylaws to eliminate run-off elections.

Voted to publish an amendment to Bar Rule 9(b) regarding duty to assist in filing grievances.

Voted to send to the Supreme Court the amendments to Bar Rule 22 on intake procedures.

Bar Counsel to revise Rule 15(c) regarding notice of suspended lawyer as employee.

Adopted the Ethics Opinion allowing for undisclosed recording by a lawyer.

Voted to publish an amendment to Rule 30(g) regarding timeframes in disability reinstatement.

Voted to publish an amendment to ARPC 1.15 which would provide for lawyers to sign an IOLTA notice on their Bar dues notice.

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