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of Governors Action Items
August 23, 2002

Approved 11 reciprocity applicants for admission.

Voted to publish Rule 4 to provide that, per the National Conference of Bar Examiners' policy, applicants are no longer allowed to review the MBE, and that applicants can discover their MBE score upon a written request; the Executive Director should track the number of requests. They also voted to publish an amendment to Bar Rule 5 putting the passing scaled score of 80 in the MPRE requirement rule.

Voted to do a one year pilot program in Anchorage (contracting with ExamSoft) to allow applicants the opportunity to use laptop computers for the bar exam starting with the February 2003 exam; to delegate the authority to the Executive Director to set the applicant fee and to set a minimum number of applicants to allow for this option.

Voted to publish an amendment to Bylaw Article III (1)(a) which would allow a Bar member who exclusively provides pro bono service to indigent people who can't afford legal services for no fee or other consideration, to pay no membership fee for the following year.

Accepted the report of the Board subcommittee on UPL to take no further action at this time.

Voted to overturn the Lawyers' Fund for Client Protection Committee recommendation on a matter and to pay the $500 claim.

Voted to accept a stipulation for disbarment and send it to the Supreme Court.

Voted to send ARPC 6.1, which encourages 50 hours of pro bono service a year, to the Supreme Court once the 30 days from publication has passed, unless negative comments are received, in which case the Board would consider it in October.

Voted to publish Rule 22 with the amendments to the intake procedure.

Voted to send the housekeeping amendments to the Fee Arbitration rules to the Supreme Court (Bar Rules 34 & 38).

Voted to amend Bylaw Article V, Section 6 changing the standard from ballots cast to votes cast in determining whether a runoff election shall be held. Bar Counsel will draft a proposed bylaw change which would not require a runoff, but to elect those who get a majority of the votes.

The VCLE program will continue indefinitely, and in October the Board will discuss incentives, whether to expand the categories for which people can get credit, and the statistics, and make recommedations to the Supreme Court.

Voted to approve $700 (half the cost) to send the public services librarian, who has been handling the Bar archives, to the State & Federal Court Historical Society Annual meeting.

Voted to pay $1,033 from the Lawyers' Fund for Client Protection to pay Trustee Counsel Mary Guss for the work done in May & June on wrapping up Cliff Smith's practice.

Voted to reappoint Vance Sanders and Lach Zemp to the regular and alternate Board representative positions on the ALSC Board of Directors.

Approved the minutes without objection.

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