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TVBA Resolution Regarding Courthouse Security

WHEREAS the Alaska Court System has determined that there is a need for courthouse security that requires, among other things, security screening to enter the public entrance of the court buildings in certain communities;

WHEREAS the Court System security currently exempts members of the judiciary and employees from security screening;

WHEREAS any exemption diminishes or even obviates the efficacy of security screening, elevates the appearance of security over actual security, and creates an appearance of privilege for court employees and the judiciary;

WHEREAS the only practical way to resolve this appearance of privilege and have true courthouse security is to have all individuals with access to the courthouse go through screening;

BE IT RESOLVED that the Alaska Court System should require all non-peace officers who access courthouses with security screening to pass through security screening. There specifically should be no exceptions for court employees or members of the judiciary.

Dated this 5th day of March, 2007 at Fairbanks, Alaska.

Terrance W. Hall
President, Tanana Valley Bar Association
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