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1999 Annual Update of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Section Of the Alaska Bar Association

  1. Alaska Supreme Court Decisions.
  2. None.

  3. Pending Legislation.
  4. None.

  5. Civil Rules Changes.
  6. None.

  7. Other ADR Developments and Activities


ADSA - Alaska Dispute Settlement Association - The activities of ADSA, including plans for the 1999 ADR conference and information for participation in the ADSA dialog forum, may be found at

U.S. District Court and Bankruptcy Court - The local U.S. District Court and Bankruptcy Courts are working on rules to implement the new Congressional mandate that every federal court to offer at least one ADR process to litigants. The mandate requires the court to adopt appropriate procedures for making neutrals available for use by the parties, including procedures and criteria for the selection of neutrals. The Draft ADR Rules for Mediation are posted for review on the following websites: (U.S. District Court) (U.S. Bankruptcy Court)

Comments and suggestions about the draft ADR rules may be submitted until May 6, 1999 to:

Judge Herb Ross FAX:

U.S. Bankruptcy Court (907)-271-2692

605 West 4th Avenue, Room 138 e-mail:

Anchorage, Alaska 99501-2296

JCMC - Juneau Community Mediation Center - JCMC received a grant to begin a juvenile victim-offender mediation program in the spring and summer of 1999. Mediation training of interested community members will be offered in exchange for volunteer participation in the program. For more information contact Mala Reges in Juneau at (907)-586-4958 or

CDRC - Community Dispute Resolution Center, Inc. - CDRC has shortened its name to The Resolution Center and expanded its services to include adult victim-offender mediation. For more information call Kris Conquergood at (907)-274-1542

Fairbanks mediators are working on establishing a community mediation center and developing a peaceable school conflict resolution program for the schools. For more information call Julie Smith at (907)-452-7362 or

American Bar Association - A Proposed Uniform Mediation Law is in the development stage. Those with access to the Internet may keep tabs

on its progress or send comments with the following link:




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