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Featured Articles -- Alaska Bar Rag 2004 Issues (Volume 28)

The Alaska Bar Rag is wholly produced for attorneys and by attorneys who contribute substantive articles, photographs, illustrations and news items to the publication. Additional content is submitted by other individuals and organizations with news of interest to the bar. (Writers’ guidelines and submission information may be found in the sub-menus of the main Bar Rag page on this website.)

The Alaska Bar Association also contributes substantive material to the Rag. The newspaper is the association’s official publication and serves as the newspaper of record for the organization.

Contributing regular columnists and writers for 2004 include:

Thomas Van Flein, Editor (Anchorage)
Dan Branch (Juneau)
Drew Peterson (Anchorage)
Ken Eggers (Anchorage)
Joe Kashi (Kenai)
William Satterberg (Fairbanks)
Steven T. O’Hara (Anchorage)
Rick Friedman (Anchorage)
Steve Pradell (Anchorage)

All Alaska Bar Rag content in the hard-copy publication and online featured reprints is copyrighted by the Alaska Bar Association and/or original authors. Reprints must cite the Alaska Bar Association, Alaska Bar Rag, the original author, and date of publication. Subscriptions for the full newspaper publication also may be purchased.

Please contact the Alaska Bar for reprint permissions:
Alaska Bar Association, Executive Director
550 W. Seventh Ave., Suite 1900
Anchorage, AK 99501



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