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CLE# 2010-051: Making Your Case With A Better Memory

Credits: 6.0 General

Date: Tuesday, August 10, 2010

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Join Nationally Recognized memory training consultant for a day that will improve the way your mind retains facts. Learn techniques to improve your memory and learn how to apply these techniques to your everyday practice. Mellor’s objective is to show you how a trained memory can increase your efficiency and productivity in all aspects of law. He will shred the myth that memory cannot be enhanced and help you lay a foundation for total recall.

  • Save time in court preparation.
  • Think quickly and clearly without fumbling for notes.
  • Remember important information about a jury and use it to win cases.
  • Effectively recall facts and figures from research and interview to argue cases in court.
  • Cross-examine with confidence - no more missed opportunities because your memory failed you

Invest in a better memory. You have invested years in becoming an attorney. Invest one day to strengthen your mind and achieve your goals!


He presents seminars throughout America, having spoken to the California Bar, Oregon State Bar, Washington Bar, Oklahoma Bar, Ohio State Bar, Pennsylvania Bar Institute, plus many more. He has written extensively on memory improvement and has been featured and quoted in Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal and USA Today.

Paul Mellor is President of Success Links, a memory training company dedicated to helping people improve their lives by improving their memory power.

A finalist in the 2008 USA Memory Championship in New York City, Mellor remembered the names of over 90 people in less than 15 minutes, recalled the exact order of over 100 single digit numbers after reviewing them for less than five minutes, and recalled the exact order of a shuffled deck of playing cards after only a three minute, 17 second review.

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