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CLE# 2012-039: Power of Attorney Hot Topics & A Guided Tour of the Uniform Power of Attorney Act

Credits: 3.0 General

Date: Friday, September 28, 2012

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8:30 a.m.     Registration

9:00 a.m.     When POAs Go Bad Then You Go Rad… Alaska now provides for emergency relief
from fraud and undue influence directed against both adults and minors.
Scott A. Sterling, Supervisory Attorney, Office of Elder Fraud and Assistance, Elizabeth Russo, Supervisory Attorney & Public Guardian, Nehviz Calik-Russell, Assistant Attorney General,  Human Services Section, Alex Hildebrand, Assistant Attorney General, Human Services Section

In June, 2012 Governor Parnell signed into law Senate Bill 86.   Now for the first time victims of fraud and financial exploitation can apply for emergencyprotection from the courts, without first having to file a civil action or a petitionfor protection.  Most financial exploitation against adults is perpetrated by family members acting under a power-of-attorney.  Learn about the highlights of
the new law and the changes in store for the public, state agencies and practitioners in the fight against fraud.

10:00 a.m.     Break

10:15 a.m.     Professor Linda Whitton, Reporter for the Uniform Power of Attorney Act, will discuss hot topics in the drafting and use of powers of attorney.  These include unreasonable refusals of powers of attorney by third parties, the role of POAs in family power struggles, and the problem of power of attorney abuse.  She will provide an overview of the law reform strategies in the Uniform Power of Attorney Act that empower principals in their property management goals as well as those that deter abuse.  The discussion will also include a checklist of drafting considerations that can be used under any power of attorney statute. 

12:15 p.m.     Adjourn

12:30 p.m.     Lunch with informal discussion

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