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CLE# 1999-039: Understanding Guardianship & Advocacy

Credits: 5.25 General

Date: Monday, October 25, 1999

NO DVD or Audio available

Course Materials Only:

*No CLE credit for materials only.


Adult guardianship or conservatorship issues arise in many contexts, from personal injury to estate planning to divorce.  Emergency or contested situations may create complex legal and ethical dilemmas for all parties involved.  At the end of this CLE, you should be able to: understand the petitioning process and the roles of the parties; identify legal issues with respect to adult guardianships; advise guardians/clients of their duties and responsibilities; distinguish between the signs of normal aging and early signs of Alzheimer’s.


Probate Master Andrews Brown; Dorcas Jackson, Chief Public Guardian, Office of Public Advocacy; Lynda Meyer, M.S.W., Southcentral Counseling Center; Jim Parker, Assistant Public Advocate, Office of Public Advocacy; David Schade, Professional Guardian Services Corporation; and attorneys: Glenn Cravez, Una Gandbhir, Ernest Schlereth, Richard Thwaites; Steve Van Goor, Bar Counsel, Alaska Bar Association; and Betty Wells, court visitor.

Also listed in: Estate Planning / Probate / Family Law / Custody Issues / Divorce / Law and Community Health

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