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CLE# 2014-507a: Maxims, Monarchy and Sir Thomas More
Category:    Live CLE Seminars
Date:   Wednesday, November 26, 2014 / 8:00 AM - 10:30 AM
Location:   Anywhere / Your Computer
Credits:   2.25 Ethics
Registration Fee:   $149.00
Live Webinar

Maxims, Monarchy and

Sir Thomas More

Featuring Graham Thatcher


In 1535 one lawyer chose personal conscience over public loyalty and so threatened those in power that they killed him!


Some have called Sir Thomas More the first "modern man." He was certainly the quintessential Renaissance man ... lawyer, statesman, philosopher, linguist, raconteur, Chancellor of England ... and author of one of the great books of western civilization, Utopia. Despite all that, King Henry VIII beheaded Sir Thomas More in 1535 for high treason.  This drama takes the audience into the last intensely intimate hour with Thomas More just before his execution in 1535 for high treason. Still wrestling with the moral dilemmas that led him to the block, he cracks jokes, makes up songs, takes jabs at his tormentors and eventually finds peace in his fate. An extraordinary one-man tour de force, the movie sparkles with wit, explores moral questions and provides keen insight into the universal human condition. The movie explores conflicts between private conscience and public loyalty and provides a platform for discussion of these conflicts as they relate to ethical and moral decisions in contemporary legal practice.


The movie is followed by a filmed panel discussion and a live moderated Chat Room Discussion, through which attendees can generate questions and discussion about ethical issues in legal practice.


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